Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq is going to on Air in July 2019


MiKaal Zuilfiqar’s Childhood Love Story in Upcoming Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq…!!!

The viewer’s always want something new and unique while we talk about the entertainment. They always demand for the new story, direction, script and much more along with their favorite cast members. In Pakistan entertainment industry is working on many projects that are related to our social and daily life problem. Here is a new Pakistani drama serial with most beautiful Pakistani actor Mikaal Zuilfiqar. The upcoming Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq is set to release for the audience on July 2019. This drama serial would be on air on Geo channel. The upcoming Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq is a family drama about a very large family with the mixture of emotions, love, care, and much more. The excellent cast members are also casted for this drama serial that would force you to must watch Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq. Other details are described in the below section.

A new Drama serial Ramz-E-Ishq is going to schedule for the viewers in this month of July. It is totally a family drama serial of a very large family. There is everything that people want to see in a drama as emotions, love, care, fun etc. Mikaal Zuilfiqar’s new project would rock this month on Get TV.

Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq

Story of Drama:

Completely a family drama about a very large family with the mixture of emotions and many other complications. It is a childhood love story and the hurdles, changes and turning points of Mikaal’s life has been shown in the whole journey of his character.

Director & Cast:

The Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq is produced by Seventh Sky being directed by Siraj-ul-Haq.

Not only Pakistani dramas but also film are also under production as Pakistani Film Parey Hut Love is going to release on Eid-ul-Azha 2019.

Here the below listed cast is working in Drama serial Ramz-E-Ishq. These are as follows:

  • Mikaal Zuilfiqar
  • Abid Ali
  • Shabbir Jaan
  • Nida Mumtaz
  • Azra Moinuddin
  • Hiba Bukhari
  • Kiran Haq
  • Aijaz Aslam
  • Gohar Rasheed
Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq

The whole team worked very actively and hardly for this project. The production value, locations and sets all very fantastic. Now the whole team is hoping for the positive response from the audience.

Releasing Info:

The Pakistani Drama Ramz-E-Ishq will release on Geo in July 2019. So wait a little more and watch this love story with your favorite actor Mikaal Zuilfiqar and many others.
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