Pakistani Dramas will be On Air in Saudi Arabia from June 2019| PTV Dramas

Saudi Kingdom will Enjoy Pakistani Dramas Now (Dhoop Kinare & Tanhaiyaan)!!!

The Pakistan entertainment industry is already counted in the best industries of the world due to the best dramas and entertainment shows. The Pakistani Dramas are not only watched in Pakistan but also in other countries. Here is a good news for our industry as the Pakistani Dramas will be seen now in Saudi Arabia. Two Pakistani drama serials are selected to on air in Saudi Arabia in this summer. Pakistan Television (PTV) reveals that Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan drama serial are selected for airing in Saudi Arabia in June 2019. Both dramas are converted in Arabic language for the Saudi audience. The relations of both countries are becoming friendly and this is also a good step for both countries, as it would lead to the better exchange between the countries. Dhoop Kinary drama serial has been announced to be on air in this June but Tanhaiyaan is not disclosed its date of on airing in Saudi Arabia. For more details you need to check the below section of this article.

Classic Dramas now in Arabic Subtitles 

Entertainment is one thing that can change our mood, if we are sad and want to become happy then we need to watch a funny show. So in this regard Pakistan entertainment industry is one of those industries that are entertaining its audience more with the best TV dramas and entertainment shows. The Pakistani Dramas are not only limited to our own country but also in other countries. This time our industry hit Saudi Arabia as two Pakistani Dramas named Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan are selected for airing in Saudi Arabia in June 2019. This is the first time that Pakistan Television is subtitling Pakistani dramas into Arabic language for Saudi viewers. These dramas are very old as these are 80’s dramas of our industry but still liked by the audience.

Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Films are also getting more popularity as a film Load Wedding was nominated for Rajasthan International Film Festival 2019.

Two most popular dramas of our industry Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan are selected to on air in Saudi Kingdom with Arabic subtitles.

The Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry also revealed in a press conference that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are in talks for increasing cultural exchange between both countries. Pakistan also wants to help the Saudi Kingdom to support its newly established performing arts academies by sharing the expertise of our actors, directors and other artists.

PTV drama serial Dhoop Kinare is set to on air in Saudi Arabia from June 2019. Tanhaiyaan drama will also be on air but the airing date has not yet been announced yet.

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