Pel introduced a New Refrigerator Intello


Pel is set to start the New year celebrations with a bang. With only 1 day remaining in the year 2016, Pel launched a new refrigerator Intello. This new refrigerator is as cool as it gets.

Now, you might be thinking that what’s so great about this new refrigerator Intello? There are hundreds of other refrigerators out there, why choose this one? What makes it so different? And probably tens of questions like that, Right??

so, Let’s find out. Shall we?

The new refrigerator is a perfect combo of style and technology. Intello is not just a “any refrigerator”, It has some unique features. Other refrigerators simply give you the best cooling technology, but not this one.. While the cooling technology is obviously the best in this new refrigerator Intello, It also features “Bluetooth speakers and An Alarm clock”.

Yes you read it right! This refrigerator actually have Bluetooth speaker and an alarm clock. That’s not all folks, there’s a lot more to it. Let’s dive into the details..


Features Of Intello

1- Low Voltage Start:

This refrigerator is specifically designed to sustain voltage fluctuations. This special feature regulates the electric flow and assists it to turn on even when the voltages are considerably low. Not only that, but this features also keeps your fridge up and running between the voltage fluctuations.

2- Glass Shelves

Intello features glass shelves, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the spills. You can clean up the mess within just a few seconds.

3- Vitamin Kit

Intello also features a vitamin kit. With this special feature you can keep your food fresh for long.

4- Stronger Hinges

The body of Intello is particularly designed to avoid door misalignment. The build quality of this new refrigerator Intello is just top notch.

5- Some Extra Features

Well , if you aren’t satisfied yet, Intello has some special features just for you. It has an Alarm clock, Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.

Detailed Specifications:

In short this is the ultimate package. This is the currently the best refrigerator out in the market yet and you will get full value of your money.

Go and grab this latest Home appliance and make your life easier..

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