No Security Clearance: PEMRA Ordered to Terminate BOL TV License


Arguments of PEMRA & BOL TV Administration and Management

PEMRA’s contention with BOL TV network had been the viral news in the previous months. However, there were various news about warnings to the TV network from PEMRA. Moreover, no solid statements or declarations were made.

PEMRA Revokes TV License for BOL News & Entertainment Channels

However, this time a letter had been issued to BOL TV network from PEMRA.

PEMRA authority has revoked the satellite TV licenses of M/s Labbaik (Pvt) Ltd namely BOL News & BOL Entertainment (Pak News). Thus, after interior ministry regretted security clearance of the company’s director Shoaib A. Sheikh, Ayesha Shoaib Sheikh, Viqas Atiq & Sarwat Bashir.

In its 131st authority meeting held at PEMRA Headquarters on Tuesday, the authority took this decision in the light of the recommendations by the council of complaints (CoC) Sindh. Furthermore, the council had rendered its opinion after hearing the Channel.

BOL News & BOL Entertainment (Pak News) have been ordered to surrender the original licenses & clear all the outstanding dues.

Instructions have been given to Pak Sat to immediately stop the transmission of BOL News & BOL Entertainment (Pak News) which are no more PEMRA’s licenses. Moreover, through a separate order, all distribution networks and cable operators have also been directed to take two channels off air with immediate effect.

Furthermore, any violation of PEMRA’s order would have legal consequences for the violators & PEMRA would act against violators according to law.

The meeting was chaired by PEMRA Chairman, Absar Alam & was attended by:

  • Member Sindh, Sarfraz Khan Jatoi
  • Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah
  • Member KP, Shaheen Habibullah
  • Secretary Information Sardar Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera
  • Member Punjab, Nargis Nasir
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