Number of Spectators allowed in PSL 6 group matches:

According to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) press release, the National Command Operation Centre (NCOC) has decided to allow up to 20 percent of the crowd for the Pakistan Super League PSL 6 group matches.

The 20% of the crowd means that almost 7,500 spectators with tickets will be allowed to enter inside the National Stadium per match day while around 5,500 will be allowed to enter at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore.

The decision to Further increasing the crowd:

According to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) press release, “During the event of PSL 6, the NCOC and the PCB will continue to work together and monitor the situation before a decision to increase crowd numbers for the three playoffs and the final is made.”

Strict Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure will be Followed:

The event organizers and PCB officials will make sure that the government’s Covid-19 SOP are strictly follow, and also includes social distancing. After NCOC made the decision, they gave a detailed briefing regarding the safety measure to the PCB officials.

In PSL 6 matches fans will have to follow strict SOPs during their time at the stadium.

According to PCB official “They won’t be allowed to touch the ball, they won’t be able to bring food from outside, they will have to wear a mask and maintain social distance all the time,”

Ticketing policy for the Spectators:

Up till now no procedure for purchasing a policy for the spectators. It is said the PCB officials will soon announce its policy with more clarity to the cricket fans on how and from where they can purchase tickets and also the process of entering or exiting the venues during the matches of PSL.

It should be noted that the last month, PCB requested NCOC to allow for the entry of a limited crowd in upcoming Pakistan’s biggest tournament, (Pakistan Super League)

Commencement of PSL :

Starting from 20th February 2021, the PSL 6 will commence at Karachi National Stadium. Karachi will host almost 20 matches in PSL 6, while Gaddafi Stadium Lahore will host 14 matches. The knock-out stage and the Final Match of PSL 6 will take place at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore on 22nd March 2021.

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