PUBG Ban to Be Lifted in Pakistan


PUBG or Players’ Unknown Battle Ground has been making some rounds around the world. A live action game that took over the world, PUBG is wildly popular in Pakistan as well. However, PTA or Pakistan Telecommunication Authority temporarily banned the game in Pakistan.

Naturally, Pakistanis were furious with the decision and demanded the government think again about banned their entertainment. Earlier today, PTA announced that Players’ Unknown Battle Ground will remain blocked in the country.

PUBG Ban in Pakistan

In a statement released in the early hours of the morning, PTA announced tat the game will remain blocked for the unforeseeable future. The statement said, “The decision has been made by the Authority after a detailed hearing conducted in PTA on July 9 on the directions of the Lahore High Court. Other interested parties also attended the hearing. PTA has approached PUBG management to share data about PUBG sessions and users in Pakistan and controls in place by the company. However, response from PUBG is awaited.”

The game was banned in Pakistan after multiple complaints were received by PTA against the game. According to the recent media reports, there have been multiple cases of suicide because of PUBG. PTA was asked by PTA to look into the issue and decide on the matter after carefully look at things.

PUBG Banned Lifted in Pakistan!

In a recent development, Islamabad High Court has lifted the ban on PUBG in Pakistan. The IHC or Islamabad High Court reserved its verdict on the petition to lift the ban on Players’ Unknown Battle Ground and the court has now lifted the ban. The good news was given by Justice Amir Farooq after hearing the petition against the banning of the game.

According to PTA, they were unable to receive the desired information from the PUBG administration about the game sessions, users and details of its control in Pakistan. However, now Islamabad High Court has nullified the ban.

The details of the verdict will soon be released by the High Court soon. The details will also be including the direction for PTA for any future ban decisions against any program or game in the country. The PTA is ordered to unban the game immediately and provide their reasoning behind banning the game in the first place.

The petition against the ban was filed by a local game-control company and Players’ Unknown Battle Ground players in Pakistan. People have been asking Information Technology Minister Aminul Haque to resign for not restricting PTA from blocking the game in the country.

However, Minister Haque said the authority to do that does not lie with him. On the other hand, Federal Science Minister Fawad Chaudhry expressed that he hopes the IT Minister will be able to take note of this and help bring about a good decision.

Where is PUBG Banned?


PUBG is developed by South Korean company and was released to the rest of the world in 2017. In this survival game, the players are dropped on an island and they have to battle for survival against other players.

Originally, PUBG was banned in Pakistan, Nepal, China and Iraq. Some cities in India have also imposed a ban on the game, however, the authorities are looking into the matter.

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