Best gift ideas for your loved ones in Pakistan


Exchanging gifts is one of the most unique way to appreciate someone’s presence in your life. It is a way of saying that we are grateful of you being part of our lives and it helps in strengthening our relation and bond with our loved ones.Page-1-Image-1

Like in every culture, people also exchange gifts in Pakistan on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Eid, New Year and many more occasions. Some events and occasions are related to their customs or culture while others are personal. Finding the perfect product to send gifts to Pakistan can sometimes be confusing and time consuming. Here today we’ll look at top 5 gifts that you can send in Pakistan. 

There was a time in our lives when cakes used to take the center-stage only on Birthday parties and Anniversary celebrations but over the time cakes have become a symbol of happiness and have replaced classical delicacies. Cake is one of the most common gifts that people in Pakistan exchange. Whether it’s a birthday party, or a new job. Someone has shifted to a new house or it’s the birth of a new baby people opt for cakes on any occasion. So if you are planning to send gifts to Pakistan then cakes is the easiest option.

‘Flowers don’t tell, they show’ this is a famous saying by Stephanie Skeem and she is absolutely right about this. Flowers express more than one could ever and that is why they are the perfect items to be chosen as a gift for your closed ones. Most people living in abroad send flowers to Pakistan on events like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, etc. and people choose flowers to express their deep emotions. Nowadays, there are varieties of fresh flowers available in the open market as well as online from which people can choose their favorites.Page-2-Image-2

People of Pakistan are very much attached to their roots and keep their customs intact, this is why sweets are widely sent as gifts in Pakistan. The traditional sweets are loved by people of all ages and are widely exchanged during felicitous events of eids, weddings, engagements, arrival of a new born etc. Some famous sweets of Pakistan are Cham cham, Pateesa, Rasgulla etc and last but not the least Gulab Jamun, a gift that every person in Pakistan will receive with open arms and mouth.
Perfumes are widely regarded as the perfect gift that you can give to someone. It is something that people don’t buy very often and it can be used on daily basis as well ensuring that the recipient thinks of you every time they wear it. People in Pakistan also send Perfumes as gifts because it looks classy and thoughtful and multiple options are available within every price range for both males and females. So if you are planning to send gifts to Pakistan, then perfumes are the perfect choice.

People in Pakistan are not only fond of sending gifts but also want the receiver to utilize it fully. They usually tend to choose gifts which can be of some use to the receiver and that is why sending leather gifts to Pakistan is the new trend these days. A wide variety of items is available like leather wallets, satchels, organizers, bags and other items. The sender chooses it with the thought that during their everyday use they can utilize this gift fully and every time the receiver uses it, he will be reminded of them.
So, these are the top 5 gift options that can be sent to Pakistan to express your care and affection towards them and the Pakistanis will happily accept these. Page-3-Image-3

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