Pakistan Govt. Introduced Qeemat Sialkot App to Compete with High Inflation

New Initiative by Pakistan Govt. as Qeemat Sialkot App for Managing High Rates of Eatables…

The prices of daily usage products are raising day by day in Pakistan which is too much difficult for the people of lower class. In this regard Pakistani PTI Govt. make an initiative by introducing the Qeemat Sialkot App through which the people of Sialkot can check the right prices of eatables. Now the higher prices of things would be deal with technological app as Qeemat Sialkot App. To avoid all these high rates the public of Sialkot has been offered the Qeemat App by which they can check the right prices of products and can also give feedback and complaints against the shopkeepers who sells things with high rates. The Govt. prices of eatable things would be known via Qeemat App, and the shopkeepers who earn more profit and extra prices would also be notified.

The initiative of the Qeemat Sialkot App would be started from Sialkot and all the people who charge extra prices would be identified. Customers can send their complaints and feedback on the high prices issues and Govt. would take a serious action on this issue. The complete details of this app are given below, must read all these.

Qeemat Sialkot App

Use Qeemat Sialkot App & Save Money

Every Govt. wants to give more facilities and relief to its public, in this regard the PTI’s Govt. also doing much for the Pakistanis. Inflation is one of the most highlighted issue for this Govt. therefore, they introduced Qeemat Sialkot App to control this problem. In Sialkot, an app named Qeemat Sialkot Apphas been introduced with the Govt. Prices of the products that we used in our daily life routine. The prices of eatable products would be included in this app and the customers can view all these prices to buy any product.

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The customers can also share their feedback and their complaints against the shopkeepers who charge the extra prices from customers. There will be a strict action against the shopkeeper who earn more profit from buying the products with higher prices. In the supervision of Deputy Commissioner a Monitoring Team has been made which would check all the feedback and complaints against the shopkeepers. Usman Daar also told that the initiative of Qeemat Sialkot App would be done from Sialkot first and if this app would be successful in Sialkot then it will also introduced in other districts of the provinces of Pakistan.

Qeemat Sialkot App

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