Ramiz Raja Is The New Chairman of PCB

After weeks of considerations and speculations, PCB has announced that Ramiz Raja will be the new Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. After the previous chairman resigned, Ehsan Mani left the space open for a new candidate that will take over the helm of Pakistan Cricket Board.

Ehsan Mani took the position of PCB Chairman in 2018 and signed a 3-year tenure which has ended on 26th August and resigned from the post. Mani confirmed this and extended his blessing to the next person who will take the responsibility of Pakistani Cricket and cricketers.

Here is what we know about the situation at the moment and when things will become official.

Ramiz Raja Becomes the New PCB Chairman

According to the statement released by Pakistan Cricket Board, “We can make no further comments on the matter as the notification for the election of the new chairman will be issued by the Prime Minister’s house.”

The sources claim that Ramiz Raja has accepted opportunity and Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon make the announcement regarding the change. At the moment Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Executive Wasim Khan is now the temporary Chairman of PCB. This stipulation is present in the constitution of the Cricket Board.

Ramiz Raja

According to sources, Ehsan Mani will be a PCB Governing Board Member. The sources inside Prime Minster House said, “There are good chances that Mani would continue to be Governing Board member and ultimately contest elections as the chairman of the board for the second term in office. However, would he be able to complete his second term in office is another question.”

Ramiz Raja commented, “The aim is to reset Pakistan cricket’s GPS and will be in pursuit of excellence.” Raja was also a Chief Executive Officer of PCB. He was a right-hand batsman and represented Pakistan from 1984 to 1997. He was also the captain of the team at times during his career in test matches as well as ODIs. Before becoming PCB Chairman, Ramiz Raja was an international cricket commentator and has a YouTube Channel called Ramiz Speaks.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
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