SadaPay Digital Bank Account Details | Debit Card, Mobile App & Much More


SadaPay is a genius facility for people who are looking for an easier banking experience.  A digital bank in Pakistan, this is a digital mobile wallet that you can use to handle all your groceries, shopping and bill payments without every carrying your cash.

The facility is all set to launch in Pakistan and offer a much different perspective on charges and fees. This money management tool is going to be the highlight for many people like freelancers and people who cannot open their own bank account because they don’t work in a conventional office.

What is SadaPay?

SadaPay is a digital mobile wallet that can be a used from anywhere and at any time. You can open your account from your mobile hone in jus 2 minutes and then the world is your oyster. To open an account, all you need is a selfie and a picture of your CNIC. Once your details are approved, you get a card and you can start spending money in your digital wallet however you want.

SadaPay issue cards on Mastercard network, which means that the card issued to you can be used in any market or place where they accept a Mastercard. Mastercard is used and recognized in 210 countries and has the best forex transaction rates in Pakistan. With the Mastercard issued by SadaPay, you can make easy transactions all over the world and even make online payments.

When you open an account at SadaPay, you will get a free Mastercard debit card, you will have no minimum deposit restrictions, you will have to pay no annual fees, you can enjoy instant and free payment transfer under 10,000 anywhere in Pakistan and you also enjoy free cash withdrawal at any ATM in Pakistan for at most 3 transactions per month.

Where is SadaPay Debit Card Accepted?


You can use SadaPay Mastercard debit car on international websites and platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, Facebook, Netflix and more. Your mobile wallet will also be useful for you if you are a freelancer. You can easily ask your clients to make payments via a credit card from anywhere in the world.

Who Else Can Benefit from SadaPay?

Almost 87% of the Pakistani population does not have a bank account, which is insecure and very dangerous for them. Having a mobile wallet like SadaPay can make a huge difference for them and positively impact their lives.

This service offers serious protection and keeps your funds and your personal information safe at all times. It works with either Face ID or fingerprint, so no one can steal your information or your money. They have also implemented best-in-class AI fraud detection to keep your money safe.

If you are concerned about your security then worry not. If you lose your debit card, you can freeze it from your phone and if you want to make payments internationally, you can activate international payments from your application as well.

The card issued to you will be a numberless card so that you remain safe from frauds. The card number will only be visible to you. Plus, you can receive payments from 45 countries around the world.

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