Samsung Quantum Dot Gaming Monitors Revealed


Samsung has brought us a wide range of technology so far. Moreover, the last year 2016 was really tremendous and innovative for the company. Since, it’s one of the best company in mobile technology, Cameras, Television, and LED etc. Samsung has unveiled the upcoming gaming monitors. Actually the curved Samsung Quantum Dot Gaming Monitors for the Gamers.

These Gaming monitors are specially designed for the epic gamers. They are elegantly designed which can fit into practically any environment.

Brief Details about the Quantum Dot Gaming Monitors

The new CH711 comes in two variants:

  • 27-Inches with WQHD or 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • 31.5 Inches with WQHD or 2560 x 1440 resolution

Samsung Quantum

Both of the gaming monitors have a curvature of 1800R which is curvier than the usual. Furthermore, they promise a 178-degree viewing angle “All these features give an adequate & more vibrant color viewing from any distance”. In addition, the monitors acquire a sRGB coverage of nearly 125 percent. Moreover, Samsung also adds that it features HDMI ports, however, there are not many details about the monitors at this stage.

Samsung Quantum

Ultimately, it appears that Samsung has gone all in when it comes to Quantum Dot Gaming Monitors technology, rather than the LG’s Stronghold OLED panels. OLED’s were generally thought to be more attractive and better quality due to deeper blacks.  But, quantum dot monitors are slightly awesome & display fare better among gamers. These quantum monitors have also the ability of rotation up to 90 degrees for the vertical viewing experience.

Samsung Quantum

These monitors are also fit for Apple-like environment because of lack of wires that are hidden in the base of the monitors. At this stage, the pricing range and complete specifications are not yet revealed. That is why we are mentioning only the details which are found to be accurate and revealed by the Manufacturer (Samsung). Price details will be later revealed.

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