Saudi Arabia Gets First Wind Farm that started Electricity Production

A wind farm that is also known as a Windpower station or plant, is a collection of turbines that help to produce electricity. The turbines may vary in size depending on which wind farm you will prefer. The larger the wind farm, the more electricity it will produce. News has just revealed that Saudi Arabia has its own Windfarm finally.

The farm has been attached to the grid and has started producing carbon-free electricity. it is also said that it is one of the largest and leading windfarms known as Dumat al-Jandal that consists of approximately 99 turbines that is huge. Let’s move ahead and talk more about it.


Saudia Arabia’s First WindFarm

The first-ever Saudia Arabia windfarm has been connected and has already stated generation electricity. With more than 90 turbines, it has the capacity to produce electricity for more than 70,000 homes. The news has been reported by Al Arabiya. This wind power project is originated from top companies EDF Renewables and Masdar.

Furthermore, it has a 4.2 MW power output and has contractor EPC Vestas. This project started in September 2019 and has finally ended. With a huge wind farm, it will surely bring a lot of benefits, including health and safety.

Wind Farm Project

This large solar energy project will help generate electricity for various houses. Furthermore, it will save 988,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. It will result in positive climate change. The project is completed with complete health and security precautions.

It wouldn’t be possible without the ultimate support of Saudi’s Energy minister, Saudi Electricity Company, and Saudi Power Procurement Company. These companies have contributed a lot to making this project successful.

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, reports state that this project will also help in the region’s economy. It has successfully reached 1.8 million man-hours without any loss and injury.

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