Classic Movie “The Message” will Release in Saudi Arabia on Eid 2018

All About Arabs Classic Movie “The Message” (Story and Releasing Date)

Eid-ul-Fitr is the day of happiness and joy with your love ones. Muslims celebrate this day with great joy and having more fun. Saudi film industry announced to release a Classic Movie The Message on Eid-ul-Fitr. This movie will be released on the big screens of eleven countries in the Middle East. Classic Movie The Message would be viewed in 4K quality version.

Story of the Classic Movie (The Message)

This film was made in 1976 in English (The Message) and Arabic (Al-Rissalah) languages. It was related to the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and tells the story of how Islam started and came across after facing a lot of problems and disputes. It tells about the life of our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His orders of living a simple and happy life. There is no any live character of Muhammad (PBUH) therefore, His partners and Shaba Karams are shown as presumptive characters in this movie.

Purpose of Classic Movie (The Message)

The purpose of this Classic Movie The Message is to convey its message of peace to younger generations of the current time. To conveying this peaceful message our lives may become good and simple if we obey the orders of our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Releasing Details of the Movie

“The Message” film will be displayed in 5 cinemas of Saudi Arabia. It will be displayed in 4k at Vox Cinemas of Riyadh Park on this Eid-ul-Fitr 16th June 2018.

Director of the Movie

This film is directed under the direction of Syrian director Mustapha Akkad and has been restored by his son Malik Akkad. Malik Akkad converted his father’s first film into digital format. The censor board of the country give approval to release it in all over the country across Gulf and Middle East region. This film get an exceptional success and led it to an Oscar nomination in 1977.

The surprising thing about classic movie “the Message” is that Saudi Arabia banned this movie in few past years. Many other Islamic countries are also banned this movie including Kuwait.

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