Scammers are Using Pak Army Name for Easypaisa Fraud

Scam Alert! Con artists are active once again. As it is a worldwide custom that culprits are destined to affect negatively at whatever point somebody gets an achievement.  Furthermore, Easypaisa is a very famous remittances service working in Pakistan since 2009. The service is becoming the most prominent and one and the only of its type service day by day. Easypaisa Fraud

However, because of successful past and apparently effective future, some of the culprits have started using this service for unethical work as they know almost every single person prefers this service for sending and getting remittances.

Easypaisa Fraud

The story:

A few days earlier some Easypaisa customers have reported about some scam calls. Scammers are using various numbers including the Easypaisa customers service number 3737. Moreover, they are trying to get information about the customer’s Easypaisa account.

The caller person says:

“We are a Pak-Army staff calling on the behalf of Easypaisa. As you know that a census campaign is being conducted under the supervision of Army. So we are calling you to get some information about your Easypaisa account as it is a part of census campaign. We are going to send you a code so note that code and give us a callback. Moreover, we will give you further guidelines about the procedure upon getting your call back.”

So, this how scammers are trying to loot money from people Easypaisa account. Moreover, you have to be aware of such calls and scammers. Whenever you get a call from someone about your Easypaisa account: first of all confirm that the call is from the genuine department by dialing their helpline.

Because now a day Con artists have discovered many ways of scamming & fraud and thus they are pretty much successful in their cyber crimes.

We hope you’ have got what we want you to know about such culprits. Because, they have resources and tactics which make them a kind of The Ass in Lion’s Skin.

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