Top 5 Disadvantages of Sugar


It won’t be an exaggeration if you are being told that sugar is killing you inside! You would think that sugar is sugar-a sweet cube which gives you a heavenly taste to your taste buds. However, studies have proved it that often eating of sugar hit your body drastically.

Let’s dive into the drastic effects of sugar has on the body.

1- Sugar damages your heart

Basically sugar does not hammer your heart directly. But it has intricate effects on your heart as sugar containing fructose is the main cause of diabetes. And heart diseases are intricately linked to diabetes.
In America, 65 % of people suffer severe heart strokes, having type 2 diabetes and it ultimately causes sudden death.

2- Sugar promotes high blood pressure

Over dosage of sugar causes high insulin level in the blood-stream and it causes muscle cell to smooth down around each blood vessel to grow faster than the normal rate. It results in tense artery walls, puts you on the risk of having high blood pressure.

3- Sugar boost cholesterol problem

Sugar makes people over-weight and high level of sugars can overload liver to churn out more bad cholesterol and repeated consumption of fructose hinders the body ability to clear it out .Sugar is mainly composed of fructose and glucose molecules, and excess of glucose cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood stream. Moreover, the continuous high consumption of glucose (added sugar-component) creates extra body fat due to inflammation inside your body.

4- Sugar makes you over-eat

You must have heard about sugar cravings? Basically it is the devastating effect of sugar on your body. As fructose-a component of added sugar put off leptin hormones. Often eating of fructose pushes you to over-eat as leptin become unavailable to direct your mind that it has consumed the required amount of food.

5- Sugar makes you sleepy

The Sugar Smart Journal has published a valid point that sugar triggers the release of Serotonin-a sleep regulator. That is the reason, eating chocolates and candy bars makes you feel drowsy and you become energy-starved after a short span of energy. Sadistically sugar plays with your body and brain, it gives you a jolt if energy and sets you to consume the double amount of fructose (added sugar) for next hour.

On the whole, high dosage of added sugar has the dangerous potential to make you a patient of heart diseases and high blood pressure, highly addictive, obese and even cancer too. Because the studies have shown that high level of insulin in blood regulates the cancer causing growth in body.

The nature has blessed us natural sugar in fruits, which are no harmful to our body. At least they are a lot better in taste and healthy for having it in our daily diet. It’s not late to substitute the natural sugar with refined and over processed fructose and glucose of added sugar.

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