Best 5 Hair Transplant Centers in Islamabad – Pakistan

Hair is the most imperative part of your personality. Moreover, good hairstyle enhances your beauty, gives you confidence & even compliments a simple dress. Almost everyone is anxious about their hairs, why not? So losing hair is really a serious issue. But, no worries and thanks to the medical advancements. There are various medical treatments from which you can retrieve your hair. Amongst them, Hair transplant is one of the most prevalent choices made my almost everyone who needs their hair back.

However, if you have got this problem and need to get a hair transplant then there is no issue. We are going to help you out in this regard. We are going to enlist the best 5 Hair Transplant Center located in Islamabad.

Laser Inn Aesthetic Surgery Center
Hair Transplant

Laser Inn Aesthetic Surgery Center (LIASC) was established in the year 2000 & providing its services in different cities of Asia including Karachi, Dubai, Islamabad, Lahore and Hyderabad with plans to expand in future. Moreover, the LIASC has a team of well-qualified experts that is led by internationally renowned Dr. Zulfiqar Tunio.

Furthermore, LIASC has a worldwide repute for giving the patients wonderful results with scientifically advanced and gentle technique. You can take an appointment with a phone call or an email. Consultations at the LIASC are completely free of cost.

Hair Club

Hair Transplant

Hair Club is an exclusive research project in the world of Hair Care. Moreover, it was launched to rescue all those concerned with & seeking a solution to their hair loss problems. Its panel of consultants includes a Trichologist (Hair Specialist), a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, a Dermatologist & highly experienced Hair Cosmetologists.

Moreover, many famous celebrities like FAISAL QURESHI, UMAR SHARIF, BABAR ALI, ADNAN JILANI, FAISAL REHMAN, SHAKEEL, ABID ALI, SHUJAAT HASHMI, HUMAYUN QURESHI have got their treatment done successfully from Hair Club.

Hair Transplant Institute (Dr. Hamayun)

HTI is also one of the best hair transplant center located in Islamabad. Dr. Hamayum a very well-known surgeon is the name behind the success of HTI.  Moreover, he had done very successful hair transplant surgeries of many famous celebrities like Saeed Ajmal (Former Cricketer), Ajab Gul (Movies Super Star) etc.

Elixir (Dr. Ashfaq)

Hair Transplant

Dr. Ashfaq’s Elixir is also one the leading Hair Transplant Center in Islamabad. ELIXIR Hair Transplant, Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center Islamabad is the only Center Approved by the Ministry of Tourism – Govt of Pakistan for Medical Tour across the world.

Laser Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Center

Hair Transplant

Dr. Safdar’s LHTC is a very famous Hair Transplant Surgery Center located in Islamabad. Since 2000, Dr. Safdar has been providing hair transplant surgery in Pakistan at his clinic based in Islamabad. Furthermore, Dr. Safdar is passionate about making sure that every hair transplant should be outstanding and produce a high quality result at an affordable cost.

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