SD Express – Now Save 128TB Data in a Single SD Card


Save More than 29,000 HD Movies in One SD Card | SD Express

SD Express can store 128TB data with fastest transfer speed. It can store the data of more than 10 mobiles. Buy all in one SD card to store all the media of your mobile. The SD card will soon hit the market as promised by the company.SD Express SD card is the most necessary gadget for mobile users. Most of us have the mobile phones with limited storage space and a lot of data. We rushed to the market to buy SD cards and we totally depend on this. Currently, the highest storage space of a memory card is 2TB which can store the entire data of your mobile. But what if you want to store more than 2TB data. Would you buy more than one SD card for this purpose? Of course it, not a smart choice. But here is a good news for you. A new SD card is here to store all of your data in one card.

Features of SD Express:

The all new SD Express is comprised of high speed and generous storage space. The main features of this card are;

  • Storage Space: 128TB space.
  • Transfer Speed: 985 MB per second.
  • Storage Range: 2Tb to 128 TB.

Launch Date:

The SD card is still under testing phase. It is expected to launch next year. However, not exact date of the SD card launch is still announced by the company.

The Capacity of SD card:

The authorities’ reveals that the SD card may have following outstanding capacity features.

  • It can store more than 29,000 HD Movies at fastest transfer rate.
  • Moreover, it can save 256 million photos at 900 MB per second transfer rate.
  • It can also more than 16.6 million songs (8 MB each) and can be transferred in just a few seconds.
  • Furthermore, it can store than 35 million tunes in few seconds.

Price of the SD Card:

They have not introduced any final price for the SD card as it will have announced on the launch of this. However, the expected price of the SD card is $300 which is 36610.50 Pakistani rupees. They have given a hint of the price and actual price can lesser or greater than that.
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