Popular Singer Nazia Iqbal’s Brother Sexually Abused her Two Daughters


Popular Pashto Singer Nazia Iqbal Accused Brother of Raping her daughters

On Wednesday, Famous Pakistani Pashto Singer Nazia Iqbal accused her brother of raping her minor two daughters. The Nazia’s brother has been arrested and Medical report is being sent to the Punjab Forensic Lab Lahore. The investigation is on the way.

Nazia Iqbal is a great Pashto singer who sung a great number of songs. She sings a number of different songs such as Punjabi, Pashtu, Persian and Urdu songs.  Nazia’s Husband is also a singer and often remains out of the city. Nazia has two younger 8 and 12 years’ daughters who were at the home. At the time of the incident, Nazia and her husband were out of the city due to the concert.  Nazia asked her 19 years old brother, Iftikhar to stayed with her daughters at the home. But the thing happens frightened everyone and put them in a shocking moment.

What Nazia Said:

Nazia Iqbal asked “I asked my brother Iftikhar, to stay at my home located at Rawalpindi Bahria town. I asked him to take care of my daughter as I was away from home”. Nazia further said, “He repeatedly raped them and threatened them to remain silent”. She also said, “I found my daughter who was crying badly on asking her, she was frightened and unable to answer”.

Nazia Added, “I have caught my brother on Tuesday night while raping one of my daughters”. Mrs. Iqbal, “I have registered the case after caught him red handed on Tuesday night”. Furthur, “the accused frightened my daughters by showing them terrible neck cutting videos and asked them to remain silent otherwise he will also kill them”.

What Police said:

Nazia Iqbal had fired a case in the Rawat police station on Tuesday night. The SHO of Rawat Police station Rawalpindi said that “Nazia’s brother has been arrested and we are doing a further investigation”. He further said that “the medical certificates of both girls have been sent to Punjab Forensic Lab Lahore”. The police officials said that “We have decided to conduct the DNA test of the Iftikhar to know whether he sexually abused the girls or not”.

The citizens and celebrities really condemn the act and said that the accused must be punished hardly so that no such brutal incident happen again. They also added the words of condolence and love for Nazia Iqbal. We pray that Allah grants Nazia much courage, patients and potential to fight for her daughters. We are with this iron lady who took this brave step.

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