Why Bushra Maneka Returns to Maternal Home? – Imran and Bushra Dispute


Bushra Maneka the third wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan recently got married. Imran Khan knew Bushra Bibi for the spiritual guidance for the last couple of years and then after his second unsuccessful marriage with Reham Khan, he got married to Bushra Bibi. According to the news, Bushra Bibi returns to her maternal home after some dispute with Imran Khan. This news became viral as it already happened in past with Reham Khan and before their divorce, there were rumors of disputes between both.

The reason f their dispute is considered to be the reason of Bushra’s son presence at Bani Gala- Imran Khan’s residence. There are rumors that both were agreed on a point that no one from Bushra’s family will stay for the longer period at Bani Gala and the presence of her son from his former husband Khawar Fareed Maneka became the reason of their dispute and she left Bani Gala and returns to her maternal home.

The second reason for their dispute is considering being the presence of Imran’s Sisters at home who were actively involved in their matters. Furthermore, another reason for conflict became the spice into the matter of dispute is Imran’s pet dogs. The presence of his dogs at farmhouse became the interruption in her religious activities.

Which issue became the reason for their conflict is not confirmed yet but she left Bani Gala is the viral news. Imran Khan didn’t release any statement on this matter yet. The fans of Imran wish for his happy married life and expecting to solve the dispute soon. Let see what will be the fate of this newly married couple.

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