Skype is going to offer Call Recording Feature | without any software

Skype introduces Live Streaming, Call recording and software integration features

Microsoft is going to offer call recording features on the Skype, the video calling application. You don’t need third-party software for this. Instead, you just need to enable a mode to do so.

It was introduced in 2003, as the best source of video calls and video chats all over the world. Skype is equally suitable for almost all the devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and Computers. In 2011, Microsoft purchases the skype and till then it’s in the way to make the skype worthier, easiest and popular. Skype is used for many organizations, business, educational and entertainment purposes. The security features and ease of use make it more popular application all around the world. They have introduced new features which includes call recording and third-party verification.

skype features

The call recording feature is ever new feature introduced in the calling applications. This feature allows the user to record every call that they want to record. There is no need for third-party software to record the calls. If you have already installed any software for this purpose, then its time to delete all of this software and free up space. Skype announced to introduce this feature to facilitate the customer who wants to record the calls the profs, for business purpose, for educational purpose and so forth. All you need to do is to enable a mode in the skype that is Content Creator. After this mode, you will be able to do the following tasks

  • Place a Call
  • Import a call
  • Edit a Call
  • Recording the call

Using the worlds best and lightest software such as adobe premiere pro, adobe audition etc. Not only this, skype also introduce to provide the integration of the third party software. Whatever software you want to integrate into your video call, they will do it for you. Another great feature that they are gonna introduce is the sharing of live streaming over the youtube channel. The Twitch stream allows the user to share the live streaming over the internet or youtube channel while editing the look and feel of the call. Hope so these features will be brought in the market soon and bring a revolution to the video chat and call history.

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