Srha Asghar | Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Dramas and More

Srha Asghar is a young Pakistani star who is no less than ‘Chota Packet Bara Dhamaka.’ She started doing acting a few years ago. However, the drama that made her prominent is Aakhir Kab Tak where she did a tremendous job. She is always seen in supporting roles but the way she performs them is worth appreciating.

Her character is Pyar Kai Sadqai was also appreciated where she performed the role of the younger sister of Bilal Abbas. In 2020 she got married to one of her friends and is living a blissful life. She is an educated actress who joined Showbiz after getting an education.

Let’s talk more about this cute star that how she entered the industry and how many serials she has shown her talent till now.

           Name                   Information
Actress Name Srha Asghar
Career Actress and Model
First Drama Khoat
Age: 9th October 1993
Lives In Karachi
Education: From Lahore
Husband Lala Omar
Nationality: Pakistani

Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar Biography

Srha is a charming star of the showbiz industry who made her debut a few years ago and today she is recognized everywhere because of her phenomenal acting skills. She is among those actresses who came from nowhere and achieved everything with their talent. She has performed many memorable roles till now.

Srha is a young star who has a long-struggling journey. Because of having no connections, she had to face many ups and downs to finally make herself fit in the industry. For the last 6 years, she is only doing supporting roles but we are hoping to get to see her in the lead ones as well.

Srha Date of Birth

She was born on 9th October 1993. Currently, she resides in Karachi with her husband. Because of her work, she was living in the same city with her family,


She completed her education in Lahore. Later, she shifted to Karachi for her showbiz career.

Srha Family

Her family is not associated with the showbiz industry. Moreover, she doesn’t talk about her family much. Srha is the only one to enter this field.

Srha Asghar Husband

In 2020, she got married to Lala Umar at a small family function. Her husband is a businessman and is not connected to the industry.

Srha Asghar husband


In 2015, Srha appeared on the screens for the first time and made millions of fans. Her natural acting and impressive facial expressions are enough to make everyone fall for her. She is surely one of the most reliable young stars we have in the industry.

From Khoat to Aakhir Kab tak, she has come a long way and has worked with many fine artists of the industry including Adeel Hussain, Ushna Shah, Yumna Zaidi, Bilal Abbas and many more. With time, she is getting fame and is improving herself to get more acknowledged.

List of Dramas

  • Khoat
  • Ishq Ya Rabba
  • Kambakht Tanno
  • Zindaan
  • Waada
  • Ki Jaana Mein kon
  • Be Aitabaar
  • Meer Abroo
  • Pyar Kai Sadqai
  • Aakhir Kab Tak
  • Babaan Khala Ki Betiyan
  • Amanat
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