PTA Introducing National Roaming Project To Promote Cellphones Connectivity


National Roaming Project is going to be launched in Balochistan for the first time by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and we are already rooting for it. To cover all those areas where there is a network problem due to lack of network towers, this project is surely going to be a big success.

It is also said that the project will begin from Balochistan where there is a lot of connectivity issue. For the last 1 year, people were in talking about this project and it is finally going to happen anytime soon.

The best thing about this project is, there will not be any additional charges applied. To know more about this project and how it works, let’s proceed with the article.

PTA Introducing National Roaming Project To Promote Cellphones Connectivity

National Roaming Project

Many people might have listened to this term for the first time without knowing that there have been already nationwide roaming projects already operational in Pakistan. However, there are a few differences that make it worth applying. National Roaming Project will let numerous network operators go along with the same infrastructure.

For instance, if you are subscribed to network A then you are allowed to stay connected with the subscribers of Network B tower with the National Roaming Project. Yes, you heard it right. It is specially designed for those areas where there is a lot of network issue.

Hence, the areas in Balochistan where there is a need for cellphone connectivity due to lack of towers, here is a solution. This service is totally free to avail of as there will be no additional charges required.

More Details

This project will be designed in different phases and for the first phase, the populated areas of Balochistan that are facing this issue will be targeted. Furthermore, in the next phase, the project will be continued along the highways and motorways. The technical team has already started working to sort out the areas where there is a need for it.

The work will possibly be ended by the end of the month. Later, the practical work will start as soon as possible. It is also said that the entire billing will be calculated by the companies. the customer will not have to pay anything which is the biggest relive for them.

It is also noted that Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan have already formed National Roaming Project a few months ago that is successfully working.

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