Swvl’s Unannounced Increment In Fares Is Distressing The Users


The ride-hailing service, Swvl has decided to increased its fare from Rs.20 to Rs.200 on each ride unannounced. This represents an unannounced increment of fares up to tenfold without any public announcement.

In pakistan, Egyptian bus-hailing service started working in July of 2019. Swvl started its services in Lahore and its fare per seat was Rs.20. Within a year the company soon increased the fare to Rs.200 per trip.

The company expanded its services in cities like Karachi and Islamabad after launching in Lahore. The committed fare was the same in the cities however it looks the increment of fare also affected the users of other cities. This is the second time the fares have been extended without any announcement.

Increment In Fares, Swvl’s Unannounced Increment In Fares Is Distressing The Users

According to the policy of company, for 30 kilometer ride, users were paying Rs.20 earlier but now they are obliged to pay Rs.200. However, Swvl is running a Rs.100 promo giving off an impression that the fare is only doubled by 50%.

Users of Swvl are reacting on social media these days. After collecting many objections by users on Twitter and Facebook, the company posted a statement saying the increment in fares is necessary for ensuring quality service.

If Swvl kept on increasing the fare at this step, it might soon lose the luster which attracted the rides with Uber or Careem users.

Besides Pakistan, Swvl is also providing services in Egypt and Kenya. The goal of company is to transform the transportation of the country with less fares, simple ride-booking and easy rides. The pickup and drop of the network are distribute all over the cities where service is being provided.

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