It’s Time We Say Goodbye to Doctored Grocery Products

Online grocery shopping is still in its initial stage in Pakistan. Although vast development in the online sector has made the people highly aware, there is still room for improvement in this field. We are unable to recognize the true potential of online grocery industry. In such times, an online grocery store shows up on the Internet horizon and pledges to turn it around for the sake of everyone. It promises to deliver the finest edible products to your doorstep. That is definitely a step in the right direction and moving on it will lead to self-discovery and creativity.

What they are giving is a chance to live a better life. Health is the contributing factor towards living life to the fullest and realizing your dreams. We are all destined to achieve greatness in whatever profession we pursue, provided we are consuming undoctored & pure food products. It is time to eliminate this menace from our beloved country and transform it back to the holy land Quaid-e-Azam once dreamt of.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Galore

Fresh vegetables and fruits are vital to humans and tremendously add to the health of the individual if they are not tampered with and available in an unadulterated form. Vegetables online suffer the same stigma as the vegetables in real time. Most people know they are eating a version that is not the best and may not benefit them as much as they should. The situation is pathetic because each one of us is insecure in relation to the quality of the fresh produce as well as other grocery products. There are unlimited grocery stores in Lahore; however, none guarantees its customers the quality and purity of the products in the real sense. has the answer to this question as you can feel a big difference in the quality, fragrance and the taste of all the products they sell.

Export Quality is the New Local!

Regardless of the availability of top quality fruits in Pakistan, there is still a considerable difference in the quality of items we have here and what we export to other countries. However, believes it can bridge this gap by providing export quality grocery items to the people of Lahore. It plans to spread this idea across other cities of Pakistan and also become a global leader in this industry.

Kitchen Items Delivered to Your Doorstep

When we talk about online grocery stores, the one thing we are looking for is the convenience factor. We buy online fruits and vegetables so we don’t have to go out in their pursuit. We save fuel, energy and time in doing so and if we have more online grocery stores like, we can easily increase the graph of the average health of Pakistani population. It is highly unfortunate to live in an adulterated environment. In the developed countries, food adulteration is punishable by death. has spoken and its mission is to spread export quality products in the vicinity of Lahore to begin things with. Super Kernel Basmati Rice and Kainat Basmati Rice are two of the products available here which speak volumes of premium quality, the one that other countries are dying to have. That’s right!

Pakistan is blessed with the best quality rice in the world. It is time to give something back to the motherland. The rich soil of Punjab produces rice by the banks of river Jhelum, Ravi, and Chenab. You will feel the difference in the taste and the fragrance when you are cooking them. You must go through this aromatic & tasteful experience!

Similarly, the pulses/lentils available at the store tease your taste buds and you keep on eating until your belly is full. I recommend ‘Mung ki daal’.  Once you try it, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Free Home Delivery Service Deserves Praise

Selly boasts a free home delivery service within Lahore, with only a few exceptions. I think in a material-driven world, where everyone just wants to become rich overnight, this effort must be appreciated. When a rickshaw driver charges you 100 rupees simply for traveling from one corner of the road to another, coming to your doorstep and asking only for the price of the product is extraordinary.

The App is Live on Google Play Store

The latest news is that their app is now part of Google Play Store and you may download it to order fresh fruits online. Fresh fruits and vegetables are just a few taps away with this state-of-the-art app.

It’s just like ordering food but if you are not comfortable with tech, just give them a call and fresh vegetable delivery happens within an hour. A project and initiative like this which aims at improving the health of the future generations must be brought to the limelight without thinking of monetary benefits.

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