Top 10 Best Home Remedies For Minor Health Issues

Apart from death and love, every disease is curable! Making your life easy and healthy, today we have short listed the Top 10 Best Home Remedies For Minor Health Issues, ranging from headaches to sore throat. Such minor health issues usually occur due to viral/bacterial infections or these can be considered as seasonal health issues. To save buckets of money in clinics, let’s brush our these top 10 best and effective home remedies  of minor health issues, which come and ruin our routine without any short notice.

  • Remedy For Headaches

Headache is itself a pain, affecting blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck. Before treating your headache, which is so severe sometimes that it leave you cranky or sometimes vanish instantly without a trace. While having headache, not knowing the cause of it (because it can be outcome of several factors), all you need is to have lemonade. A glass of water with lemon juice in it saves you from dehydration and nausea, causing migraine headaches.

  • Remedy For Cough

Coughing can be sign of various health disorders, which must be reported to physicians. But in case of unexpected dry coughing to environment allergies; it can be treated at home within a snap. All you need is to take 6 dates in 3 glass of water, allowing it to boil for half an hour over low heat. Then you must consume this magical tonic for dry cough.

(Note: You can also have dates in your diet to avoid dry coughing.)

  • Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Millions of people die due to high blood pressure every year, which is nothing but threat to brain damage and heart attack. In case of high blood pressure, you might feel dizziness or severe headaches, for treating hypertensive crisis, having juice of pomegranate can lower high blood pressure and reduce arterial plaque to increase blood flow of the heart and keeps you healthy. (Note: People experiencing high blood pressure must control oil and excess of salt in their regular diet.)

  • Remedy For Low Blood Pressure

Likewise high blood pressure, low blood pressure can result in fainting and vomiting. In case of low blood pressure, it is highly recommend drinking caffeinated coffee or tea with meals to temporarily boost blood pressure.

  • Remedy For Flu

Feeling low and creepy because of flu? You must know that flu usually results due to viral infections, which can be effectively treated in your kitchen instead of rushing to your doctor. To avoid the discomfort of flu, you may try steam bath to keep your nasal passage moisturized, having plenty of warm drinks including broth and ginger tea. You must know that being viral disorder, flu is expected to discomfort you for at least 7 days, and it accompanies fever, which usually occur by body as self defense to kill virus naturally. All you can do is to keep you comfortable by staying warm and energized.

  • Remedy To Lose Weight

Being overweight is not just a health issue but it deprives you of social glory, to cut down extra pounds home without misbalancing your budget for gym and trainers, you might just need to eat more! Yes, you read it right, you need to eat more! All you have to do is divide your large portion of meals into small meals, keep tracking your calories intake, walk or move more, replace your fatty food with fruits and vegetables and you are done with your goal of achieving a healthy weight. And yes, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated all day along.

  • Remedy To Gain Weight

The world is not just full of obese people; they are some unlucky champs who are underweight, always struggling to gain weight for staying healthy and active. In order to gain weight within a few weeks, it is highly suggested to eat maximum bananas, peanut butter, white bread, salmon fish and red meat.

  • Remedy For Acne

Acne can be very painful and embarrassing for people, which must be treated in early stages. You must know that acne is just outcome of bacteria reacting with oils on your body, to stay safe from bacteria and excess of oil production on your body, always take shower with cold after a warm bath.

  • Remedy For Dandruff And Hair fall

Dandruff is not doubt not contagious or serious health issue, but it can lead you to baldness and social anxieties in later stages. To combat such situation, treat dandruff and hair fall by keeping your head hydrated with olive oil and tea tree, or yogurt and lemon tonic.

  • Remedy For Dark Circles

Those black tint and bags under eyes can be a headache for some people, especially making you feel tired and unhealthy in social circle. All it requires is plenty of sleep, or massage of rose water, raw potato juice, lemon and turmeric powder or butter milk with cotton ball over dark circles. You can choose the right ingredient considering the availability. (Note: Regular massage of these magical ingredients will help you treat dark circles for permanent basis.)

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