Top 10 best Horror movies of all time

Are you a fan of Horror movies? Do you like movies that can send shivers down to your spine? Well, if your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of top 10 best horror movies of all time. These movies will surely keep you on the edges of your seats with their spooky characters, terrifying scenes, killer suspense and some mind blowing stories.

so let’s begin with the matter in hand,

10- A Nightmare on ELM street (1984)

Stay awake or else you die- this is the basic theme of the movie. A group of children from Elm street are having scary nightmares about a frightening, heavily scarred figure wearing a glove with razor sharp “finger knives”. Now the children must stay awake in quest of their survival otherwise they will be killed in their dreams..!top 10 horror movies- 10

09- The RING (2002)

The ring is a remake of a Japanese horror film. This movie is about a cursed videotape and any one who watches it will die in a week. A young reporter, while investigating the story of the murder of her niece watches this tape and now she has no choice but to solve the mystery of the cursed tape within a week if you wish to live..! This movie is a killer combination of horror and 10 horror movies - 9

08- The Thing (1982)

A US research station in Antarctica is interrupted by an Alien force, that is capable of perfectly imitating its victims. Now it’s up to the members to stay alive and try to figure out how to get rid of the “things”. This movie is a classic horror movie that will surely keep you wondering what’s going to happen next.


07- The silence of The lambs (1991)

Winning all five major academy awards (“Oscars” for Best Movie, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay), this movie is one of the best of it’s kind. This movie is frightening, involving and disturbing all in the same time.silence-of-the-lambs

06- The conjuring (2013)

The Perron family moved to an old Farmhouse which turned out to be haunted, and their presence is welcomed by an unwanted dark presence. This movie has a lot of terrifying scenes and is a guarantee to give you nightmares.

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05- The Babadook (2014)

This movie is about a single mother tormented by the death of her husband, has to cope with her son’s fear about a monster hiding in the house. But soon she realizes that the monster is real and now her life is about to get worse.


04- The Texas chainsaw Massacre (1974)

This movie is for hardcore horror movie fans and contains a lot of violence. It has lots of brutality and if you think you are not afraid of such movies, I dare you to watch this movie.


03- The shining (1980)

A family heads to a remote hotel for the winter. The head of the family “Jack Torrance” is affected by an evil presence and turned into a maniac. Now the only thing that can save the rest of the family from that demon is the visions of the son called “the shining”.


02- Psycho (1960)

Psycho is one of the greatest thrillers of all time. It is a combination of nerve-wrecking scary scenes and a story of great suspense and tension. It is a classic horror movie and is surely capable of giving you nightmares for quite a long time.


01- Exorcist (1973)

This is the best ever horror movie made. It has set such a high standard in this genre that now a days most of the horror movies fails to deliver. This movie is about a little girl possessed by a demon and it is surely a masterpiece .If you haven’t watched this movie yet, make it your priority. We are sure that you will love it.


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