Top 5 Dangerous Roller Coasters in world (You won’t Believe they Exist)

The WOrld’s Top Dangerous and Scariest Roller Coasters

The world is full of adventurous persons who do everything for their adventures habits. For such adventurous persons, a unique type of roller coasters is invented. The list of dangerous roller coaster contains such coasters that you won’t believe they exist. The dangerous does not mean that they are not safe at all. Instead, the security mechanisms are really appreciated and one proof of this is that no bad incident ever happen there.

Dangerous Roller Coasters:

The list of such dangerous Roller Coasters is not limited. But the below mentioned roller coasters are certainly dangerous and adventurous.

5. Steel Dragon at Spaland:

This is the world’s biggest steel coaster in Japan. This roller is yet dangerous and secure in the whole world. This coaster is famous in Japan since 2000 and it’s still popular in whole world. You will get the longest ride on this roller as compare to other one-minute ride. Whenever, you visit Japan, never forget to visit this place.

4. Sky Scream coaster:

Perhaps this is the only coaster which is perfectly start adventure in first minute of ride. This coaster is stayed at the holiday park in Germany. They are a lot of vertical twists for going up and down. Especially, the 360-degree twist is just awesome. If you even have not taken a tour in this, then do it instantly to get more adventurous moments.

3. El Toro Roller Coaster:

El Toro is another dangerous and risky coaster of the world. It is situated at the six flag adventure in new jersey.  The reaching speed of this roller is 70 mph and it contains many twists and drops. Although this coaster doesn’t have too many ups and downs twists but still it’s in the line of the strangest coaster of the world.

2. Intimidator 305:

Yet another weirdest roller coaster is intimidator 305. This strangest coaster is located at Kings Dominions park in Virginia USA. The first drop of this strange roller is 90 mph. Moreover, the first sacristy drop of this roller is almost 300 feet above. If you are fun forward person, seeking to do some adventurous then this coaster is perfect one for you.

1. Kinda Ka:

This is indeed the most dangerous roller coaster in the world. This coaster is 456 feet tall from the ground. This coaster is not only tall but also the contains daring twists and drops. Only few people dare to ride again in this coaster. Rest of the people got frightened after their first ride.
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