Top 7 Beautiful and Scariest Bridges in the World to Drive Across


Most Terrifying and Scariest Bridges in the World

With the invention of the technology, the lifestyle of the people also changes rapidly. Human is in search to invent almost everything. They know very well how to overcome the hurdles and pave the way towards ease. However, the human is able to cut down the hills and make the path even in the seas and air. Indeed, this is the beauty of the human intelligence. The list of top 7 Scariest Bridges in the world will shock you.

Top 7 Scariest Bridges in the World:

These Scariest Bridges will blow your mind. Moreover, for adventurous people, it become craze for them to drive in such bridges.

7. Hussaini Hanging Bridge:

The scariest and dangerous bridge is Hussaini Hanging Bridge. This bridge is made of ropes and situated on the deep river. In northern region of Pakistan, this bridge is hanging bridge and consider one of the dangerous bridge in the world. This also attracts the adventurous tourists and they often visit this place.Scariest Bridges

6. Mount Titlis Bridge:

This dangerous bridge is situated above the 500 m cliff. Mostly, the bridge is all time covered with the snow. That’s why a huge number of tourist prefers to visit there all the time.Scariest Bridges

5. Langkawi Sky Bridge:

Another scariest bridge located at the height of the Machinchang mountain. This bridge has stayed with wires and the beautifully engineered design attracts every person. However, yet it is among the scariest bridge in the world.Scariest Bridges

4. Aiguille du Midi Bridge:

Europe’s highest and glassy bridge stayed with the car cable is Aiguille du Midi Bridge. The height of this bridge is 3,777 m and world’s huge tourists attract towards this bridge.Scariest Bridges

3. Royal Gorge Bridge:

Royal Gorge Bridge is located on the Arkansas River at the height of 995 Feet above. Before that, it was the tallest bridge in the world but now it is the tallest bridge in the USA walks away.

2. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge:

Perhaps the famous glass bridge in China is popular among the whole world. This bridge is made of glass and they often play the prank by cracking the glass. Moreover, it is located between two hills and there is a deep canyon in this.Scariest Bridges

1. Millau Viaduct:

This is the world’s tallest and dangerous bridges in the world. However, this cable-stayed bridge is situated in southern France. Moreover, this scariest and traditional 19’s bridge is made over the Tarn river.Scariest Bridges

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