Top 5 Pakistani Flop Movies So Far (Biggest Disappointments)


Top 5 Never Watch and Flop Movies of Pakistan

Pakistani industry is moving towards the success by every passing day. Each individual in this industry is trying to reach it at the top of the hills. A bundle of movies has been launched from past few years. Some of them got exceptional success ratio while other failed to make a room in the fan’s heart. Here is the list of top 5 Flop Movies of Pakistan movie industry. Beyond the exceptional cast and crew, these movies failed to earn the expected revenue.

Top 5 Pakistani Flop Movies:

The list of the Pakistani flop movies is based on the gross revenue and rating. There was different reason such behind this failure.

5.Thora Jee Le:

This movie was released on the start of the 2017 and paved its way towards disappointment. The cast includes new faces such as Bilal Abbas, Ramsha Khan, Rizwan Ali Jafri, Fatima Shah Jillani and many others. The main reason behind this failure was the unscripted story and poor management.


The totally disastrous movie Raasta who got utter in the box office is Raasta. This movie is directed by Sahir Lodhi and includes experienced cast in it. Sahir Lodhi and Mathira perform the main lead role in this movie. The saddest thing is that this movie was displayed in cinema just for 2 days due to weak people attendance.


Another failure of the year is Rangreza Movie. The dashing and charming Bilal Ashraf and gorgeous Urwa Hocane play the lead role. The unstructured story plot and non-serious ruin this movie. however, the acting and role of Gohar are really appreciated by the people. The banner before the release convince the people to expect much from this movie. But after release, this movie flop partially, not completely.

4.Chain Aye Na:

The romantic movie directed by Syed Noor flopped badly at the box office. This movie collects a huge amount of criticisms by the viewers due to the unremarkable scenes. The lead role is performed by handsome boy Shahroz Sabzwari and new face Sarish Khan. The movie is unable to earn expected revenue in the box office and enter in the list of the flop movies.


Perhaps, the biggest disappointment of the year 2017 is Verna movie. The expectation of the people was extremely high regarding this movie but all in vain. Beyond the exceptional cast, this movie flopped badly. The sensor board banned the movie before release, that’s why it came in flop movie list. Especially, people were expecting more from Mahira Khan but get less from her movie.
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