Top 5 Photo Editing Apps 2017

With visual content gaining popularity and exceptionally good cameras being included in Android smartphones, the photo editing applications have also evolved. Modern photo editing applications have made it possible for almost anyone to edit pictures and get professional-like results. These apps allow you to alter almost everything in a picture and make it stand out amongst the rest.

Here’s a list of the top 5 photo editing android app for 2017 that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.



Snapseed is an extremely professional and highly functional photo editing app. The UI is pretty clean, with necessary tools dominating the toolbar. The most notable tools include brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment and exposure control. Other useful features are also included.
Using the tools and functions provided in Snapseed, you can actually enhance your photos to a great extent.
Moreover, Snapseed now lets you edit in Raw format, which surely gives it an edge over alternatives.



VSCO is another amazing photo editing app that can provide professional results without much effort. The app stands out due to its extremely neat and basic looking UI. VSCO is quite easy to operate and lets you edit numerous things including white balance, shadows, exposure and highlights.

Even though the app doesn’t include quite a lot of features and filters, the tools provided are excellent for basic editing and traditional photography correction.



AfterFocus is my personal best in its category. This app is strictly inclined towards adding blur to your photos and giving them the lovely DSLR-effect. This app lets you add background blur to existing pictures and make them look even better. It also lets you alter the intensity of blur and the results are pretty accurate and natural-looking.

For sharp precision, this app offers two modes. You can either add blur manually or let the app do it. The tools also offer massive flexibility.

While the functionality of this app is a bit technical, the results are certainly impressive.



Pixlr is a highly equipped photo editor that offers an array of photo editing tools and features. This app gives you ultimate freedom to edit your picture in every way possible. It also lets you create collages with multiple variations.

With a wide range of tools, filters, adjustments, overlays and numerous other features, this app is surely best suited for those looking to do a lot of stuff with their pictures.



Fotor deserves to be in this list due to the elegant photo editing experience it provides. Even though the app isn’t flooded with useless tools and features, it includes every other tool that you’ll ever need while editing pictures. The most notable features include brightness/contrast adjustment, structure alteration and focus feature. It also provides a one-click enhance option, to enhance your pictures without any effort.

With all necessary features, fast processing and a clean UI, this app is definitely worth using.

Rafay Khurram
Rafay Khurram
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