Top 5 Upcoming Pakistani Dramas 2018


2017 has been loaded with blockbuster Pakistani dramas aired on Hum TV, Geo, ARY and Urdu One. Focusing on cultural values and current affairs of the country, many high quality serials i.e. Baaghi and Alif Allah Aur Insaan have been made, which have raised the bar of r quality writing, innovation and realism. Realizing the need of making such gem productions to keep entertaining the audiences, these private TV channels are looking forward to glue the audiences with modern-romantic saga, dramatic yet realistic stories of our societies featuring stellar cast in their projects.

Today we have made a handy list of Top 5 Upcoming Pakistani Dramas 2018, for which fans of Pakistani dramas are drooling to explore the best story; novels based serials and eye-catching performances of their favorite actress/actresses.

5- Zan Mureed

For those who were craving to see Nadia Khan on TV screens, they must note down the timings and schedule their routines, as the new drama serial is about to start in first week of March, 2018. From its promotion, it has appeared as family drama, with lots of reality touch of husband-wife relationship of nowadays.

4- Khasara

Bringing back Mikaal Zulfiqar to ARY Digital, this new drama is believed to be a great success on box office. Featuring star studded cast of Mikaal and Junaid Khan along with Sarwat Gillani, the drama will revolve around two different families leading lives in very opposite manner.

3- Awari Mein

The very first episode of the Awari Mein has been aired in second week of Feburary, 2018, still bundles of exciting episodes of the serial are expected to dazzles the Tv screen. In lead roles, Sajal Aly and Mikaal Zulfiqar will be sharing sadistic dialogues, more like a triangle-love story.

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2- Thays

After successful drama of ARY Digital ‘Sun Yara’, pairing of Hira Mani and Junaid Khan is made again to portray a beautiful and heartfelt story of love and relationships in Thays, which will be aired on A plus.


After their stunning performance in Zara Yad Kar on Hum Tv, Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi will be sharing screen on ARY Digital in lead roles and the story is loaded with lots of family drama, dramatic love aura along with eccentric traditional values of feudal system of our society.

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