Top 5 New Shocking WhatsApp Group Features Introduced

All New Exciting WhatsApp Group Features Introduced

WhatsApp introduced new WhatsApp group features. The features are specifically launched for WhatsApp groups such as group chats, administrative authority, search, group discussion and group moderator. The features are introduced for both IOS and Android users.WhatsApp group features

WhatsApp is a great messaging as well as calling app. Indeed, a huge amount of people are using this append the users are increasing day by day. This app is simple and easy to use and this is the reason that they have a strong customer base. WhatsApp often introduces new features to facilitate the wide array of consumers. This time, they introduce exclusive WhatsApp Group Features which will be launched on both the Android and IOS mobile users.

WhatsApp Group Features:

To facilitate the WhatsApp users, they have introduced exciting WhatsApp Group Features. These features are available for Android and IOS.

1.Group Catchup:

Recently WhatsApp has introduced a new mention feature. One can mention others in the group chat. But the problem is that, you have to scroll through the whole chat to find the mentioned chat comment. Now, WhatsApp administrator have announced a group catch up feature. This feature allows the user to see all the comments in which he is mentioned. The consumer just has to press the @ button and list be displayed.


Another all-new feature introduced by WhatsApp is the increase administration authority. One admin can remove the other members and admins as well from the group. But now, the founder of the group is the main leader admin and no one can remove this admin. Although the founder of the group can remove other admins.

3.Search Function:

A new search feature is introduced which allow the group members to search other group members. This basic search features will allow to search in the group. Previously, there was no search option and finding the people in the group was a great hassle.

4.Group Discussion:

Another exciting WhatsApp feature is group discussion. Now, new added group members will be able to see the previous chat. Before that, the newly added members were unable to see the previous chat. Perhaps, this is the best and beneficial feature till yet.

5.Group Moderator:

This great feature is really something that you need to know. The group admin has the authority to allow the specific person to make modification in the group. Such person can change group name, picture, and group discussion.

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