Top 6 Pakistani Female Politicians – Style and Beauty Icons

Pakistani Female Politicians – Who are Style and Beauty Icons

Beauty is Style is not reserved for the actress and the models. Women in every profession are getting directed towards style and fashion and fashion now becomes craze now. Pakistani fashionable female politicians are trying to break the traditional view of the politicians who wore simple and white clothes. Our young politicians are getting toward fashion now and adopting the latest fashion day by day. Today I am gonna discuss Pakistani female politicians who are politicians and style icons at the same time.

Top 6 Politicians fashion icon:

  • Mariam Nawaz:

Mariam Nawaz, daughter of the Nawaz Sharif, is considered the most graceful and beautiful politician. Her style of taking the dupatta makes her more glamorous and fashion icon. Not only her style but also she is the beauty icon too. Her fresh and beautiful face attracts the attention of the stalkers.

mariam style icon

  • Marvi Mammon:

Marvi Mammon is a member of Pakistan Muslim League noon. She is also considered a fashion icon who is not only great in her beauty but also she is a good debater. More and more people want to invite her to their shows, not because of her beauty but also for her way of talking and arguments.

marvi memon style icon

  • Sharmeela Farooqui:

Sharmeela Farooqi is considered as the most beautiful and graceful politician personality. She belongs to the Pakistan People Party from the beginning of her career as a politician. She is a style icon and also famous for her appearance in the morning show which invites her due to her personality.

sharmela style icon

  • Hina Pervez Butt:

When we talk about the beauty and fashion, how we can forget Hina prevail Butt. She is a great politician famous for her beauty, fashion adoption and way of talking. She is a gold medalist from LUMS and also a successful and famous fashion designer.

hina butt style icon

  • Hina Rabbani Khar:

Former Interior Minister, Miss Hina Rabbani Khar, is a most glamorous woman of the whole politician history of Pakistan. Hina got a top-ranked Politician in the Moaned today for her charming looks. She spent a lot of money on her seasonal dresses, Shoes, handbags, sunglasses etc. When she visited India, they even praised her for her beauty.

hina rabani style icon

  • Reham Khan:

Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Politician Imran Khan, is also considered a great beauty and fashion icon of this century. She worked in the BBC news where her dressing was also a noticeable thing. But when she returned to Pakistan, her dressing style attract everyone.

reham khan style icon


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