Top 5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan On Eid 2024

Eid-ul-Fitr is the religious event of Muslims and it is celebrated with full excitement. As Pakistan is grounded with beautiful and natural places which must require a visit. In such a special event, most people prefer to visit the Beautiful Places of Pakistan. There are some amazing places in Pakistan to visit on this Eid.

Consider this list whenever you decide to go on an amazing tour.

5 Beautiful Places to Visit on Eid

The list of Top 5 Places to visit is really something considerable. Visit these natural places and make your Eid more memorable.

1. Nalter Valley

This beautiful valley is located in the Gilgit Baltistan and it is approximately 40 Km from the GB. The three stunning Nalter lakes make this place even more beautiful. Moreover, the chair lifts double the natural looks of the forest based valley. The hospitality of the people of this region is really remarkable and requires a visit this Eid.

Beautiful Places

Any low lying region between hills or mountains, generally bisected by a river or stream, is called a valley. The picturesque landscapes, varied wildlife, and occasionally distinctive cultural features of valleys are well-known. Think about searching for details about the geography, weather, culture, and attractions of Nalter Valley if it’s a distinct place.

2. Astore Valley

Another valley among the Beautiful Places you must consider in your Eid trip is Astore Valley. This valley is located on the eastern side of Nanga Parbat. The moderate weather during the summer season will make you love this place. The two famous spots of this valley are Kala Pani Valley and Rama Valley. This valley is filled with cherry trees, apricots, and apple trees.Beautiful Places

Magnificent mountain ranges around Astore Valley, which is located in Pakistan’s north-east. In a breathtaking and dramatic location, it flanked to the southeast by the Himalayas and to the northwest by the Karakoram Range.

The Astore River, which flows down the middle of the valley and supplies water to the area, contributes to the valley’s natural beauty. A wide variety of plant and animal life can be found in the valley.

The valley known for its verdant meadows, thick woods, and pristine rivers. With their towering snow-capped peaks in the background, the scenery is stunning. Astore Valley is a paradise for hikers, adventurers, and environment lovers due to its breathtaking beauty. Among the notable mountains in the area is Nanga Parbat, the ninth-highest peak on Earth.

3. Bahrain

Probably Bahrain is the first and prettiest hill station in Pakistan. This awesome place is in Swat Valley, the region of KPK. There are two deepest and beautiful rivers named as swat and Daral Rivers. The riverside tourist resorts alongside handmade crafts will leave you shocked. The eye catching and natural waterfalls will force you to visit this place again in the future.

4. Neelum Valley

This valley is the northern region and district of the Azad Kashmir. The beautiful Neelum river doubles the beauty and elegant looks of the valley. The sub valleys that must requires a visits are Baboon Valley, Jagran Valley, Salkhala Valley, Shounter valley and Leswa valley. This beautiful pack of valleys is enough to make your visits more memorable and enjoyable.

5. Shogran:

The prettiest and peaceful to visit this Eid is Shogran. It is located 34 Km away from Balakot. The stunning hill station of the Shogran and green scenery of Kaghan valley will force you to visit this place again and again. Your Trip will go in vain if you don’t visit Sri Paye and Makara Peak. In short, you can visit maximum natural and eye catching places just by visiting this place.

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