Top 7 Pakistani Drama Songs 2019/2020– Best OST Songs (Worth Listening)

Top 7 Pakistani Drama Songs 2018-2020

OST Songs 2018 That You Should Never Miss

Making an awesome OST along with the drama serial has become a trend now in Pakistan. Hence, every drama maker is launching perfect OSTs and they are gaining more familiarity than the Movie songs. The best Pakistani Drama Songs 2018 are roved biggest epic of this year.Pakistani Drama Songs

 To 7 Pakistani Drama Songs 2018:

Consider this amazing Best Pakistani Drama Songs 2018 list and add them to your playlist.

7.Ghar Titli Ka Par OST :

With the shadow of a doubt, Sahira Ali Bagga makes this OST even more blockbuster. The lyrics are so fine written and sung that it will force you to listen to it again and again. The drama story is about the broken friendship and love too. Hence this OST depicts about a girl who is very disappointed in love and friendship.

  • Singer: Sahir Ali Bagga
  • Theme: Sad, Complaining
  • Song Name/ Main Line: A Mere Khuda Tu Itna Bata Kun Mera Naseeb Esa Likha

6.Pukaar OST:

Indeed, this OST is really worthier to listen due to exceptional voice, beautiful lyrics and soulful music. The drama is about the life of the widow girl whose life becomes hell due to the restrictions in-laws. The perfect match of story and OST lyrics will force you to listen to it once.

  • Singer: Shuja Haider
  • Theme: Emotional, Requesting
  • Song Name/ Main Line: O Raba Pukaran Tu Sun Le Merian

5.Khamoshi OST:

It’s totally injustice to forget the most soulful OST, sung by the same actor performing the lead role in the drama. The OST lyrics are about the girl who listens to the bad talks of everyone but remains silent. The person who has no one sincere around him/her, this OST is for you.

  • Singer: Bilal Khan and Shumaila Khan
  • Theme: Alone, Emotional
  • Song Name/ Main Line: Kesi hai Ye Khamoshi

4.Bedardi OST:

This amazing OST gains the same popularity as the drama has gained. They lyrics of the song are outstanding and you will defiantly fall in love with it. The drama OST is about the troubles of life and how a girl has to sacrifice her happiness.

  • Singer: Ahmed Jahanzeb
  • Theme: Sad, Emotional
  • Song Name/ Main Line: A Zindagi Tu Hi Bata Tuje Kia Kahun

3.Parlour Wali Larki OST:

This OST is from drama serial parlor wali Larki on Bol TV. Actually, this song is in the album of the singer and she sang this for this drama serial. From past few months, this drama OSt has been listening by a wide audience and gets more popular over social media.

  • Singer: Sehar Gul Khan
  • Theme: Love and Emotional
  • Song Name/ Main Line: Bol Kaffara Kya Hoga

2.Tabeer OST:

Iqra Aziz’s drama serial become the blockbuster drama of this year along with its drama song. The beautiful lyrics and the perfect combination of the voice take this OST at your top of the playlist.

  • Singer: Ahmed Jahanzeb
  • Theme: Sad, Emotional
  • Song Name/ Main Line: Dukh Mere Sath Sath Chalte Hain

1.Mere Bewafa:

The best song of this year which actually worth listening is, Mere Bewafa Song. The superb dialogued drama serial along with perfect lyrics will blow your mind. This will force you to listen to it again and again. The OST is the outstanding blend of amazing music, lyrics, and voices.

  • Singer: Aima Baig and Agha Ali
  • Theme: Sad, Complaining
  • Song Name/ Main Line: Duhaiyan Duhiyan

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