Top 13 Best Schools in Islamabad, Pakistan – 2020 Update

What exactly makes a school or any educational institute the best? Well a rational personal with an active brain must have several parameters of best school that includes school building, team of dedicated teachers, disciplinary accord of the school and specific syllabus of prestigious affiliation, in his list. Surprisingly in Pakistan, all these parameters are hard to find in one single educational institute. But to make your life a little easy and less-challenging, we have narrow-listed the Top 8 Best schools in Islamabad.

Anyone who is planning to secure future of their children must not over-look these following top 8 best schools in Islamabad. Because these best of best schools in Islamabad do not merely concentrate on cramming of text book but they promise the parents to groom and develop a great personality out of your child. So let’s dive into the record of Top 8 Best Schools In Islamabad, Pakistan, which can be trusted with raw brains of our children to make them ideal people someday.

8-Super Nova School, Islamabad

Being affiliated with Cambridge International Examination this private school based on to deliver international education is known for possessing an unsurpassed quality of educational system. Concentrating on intellectual development and character building, Super Nova School is located in the prime location of Islamabad, 16, Nazimuddin Road, F-7/1, and Islamabad.

7- Bloomfield Hall School, Islamabad

One of the prestigious educational centers of Islamabad, Bloomfield Hall School provides British style education leading to British qualifications. With a mission to prepare students for UK examining bodies, Bloomfield Hall School makes the student leading personalities, despite of making them donkey with burdens of books.

6- Pak Turk International School, Islamabad

Established in 1994, Pak Turk International School is an English-medium school and it has been working with collaboration of: ‎CIE‎, ‎FBISE, Islamabad board. This private school of Turkish educational institution chain focuses to educate student math, science and computers along with Islamic studies for their bright and professional future.

5- OPF School Islamabad

Having balanced focus towards education and sports, OPF School is all time favorite of Islamabad city. Perched out at Park Road, F 8/2, F8, Islamabad, the school is ideal option for girls. Affiliated with Cambridge University and Federal Board Islamabad, the school is giving quality education to thousands of local and foreign students.

4- Army Public School and College, Islamabad

With total 36 branches, scattered in the four provinces of Pakistan, Army Public School and College is known for delivery exemplary education of international standards. With a vision of ‘Investing in success for all students’ this exceptionally best educational center is making leaders of nation. Having 12 campuses in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Army Public School and College is standing proudly with a slogan of ‘I SHALL RISE AND SHINE’

3- The City School, Islamabad

Separating nursery and high school campuses, the City School is Pakistan’s second-largest private education firm. Having both UK’s National Curriculum and Pakistani Curriculum, the school is working with collaboration of Cambridge University and many other national institutions. Perched out in the prime locations of Islamabad, the City School has made it easy for all the residents to get quality education and invest in children’s bright future without a shadow of suspicion.

2- Froebel’s International School, Islamabad

Polishing raw minds to greatest potential, Froebel’s International School is making students socially responsible and interdependent. No matter if is academics, art, sport or drama, this school is all about finding the hidden skills in one’s personality. With three campuses in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the school is contributing positive energy to Pakistan for making strong and ideal people in the future.

1- Beaconhouse School System, Islamabad

Raised as a major force in education world, Beaconhouse School System concentrates to make a strong community. One of the largest school chains in the world, Beaconhouse School System is giving international education to students to make them run and win the competition of success. Founded in 1975 with a motto of SEEK THE LIGHT, the school guarantees a successful career for your children.

Update: The schools mentioned-above are great for giving quality education to your children, however, there are more options for you choose from. You can never go wrong with more options and choosing the one that fits your needs the best. It is in your right to give your child the best education that adds quality to their intelligence and make them feel more confident in themselves. Because of this, schools have become competitive, which allows parents to be very picky with their decision.

If you are still looking for the best school in Islamabad, then here are 5 more schools that you can think about.

1.Islamabad Convent School

Islamabad Convent is a school that you will be proud of your child getting in. If your child can get admission in their O-Level, AS/A level or other grade level program, you can be sure that they will have the best education to help them excel. The school focuses on character building, the teachers are hand-picked and the curriculum is designed to give advantage to all children. The extracurricular activities are arranged so that they don’t come in the way of their education yet still provide them a reprieve. Their quality of education is better than most schools in the city.

2.Preparatory School Islamabad

Another good school that will prepare your child for the future is the Preparatory School. Located in a very nice location with good facilities, the school offers admission in elementary school, primary school and O Levels. The school was established in 1990 and since then, the school has been successful in offering the best education to the leaders of future. As the school is located in diplomatic enclave, your child will be studying with the children of diplomats as well. The school proactively works to enhance the intellectual abilities of the students and to ensure that they are ready to face the world when they graduate.

3.Headstart School

Another school that offers excellent education to the children is the Headstart school. Aptly named, this school offers exceptional educational environment to the children and offers elementary schooling, IGCSE and A level education. The school was founded in 1991 and now it has 10 branches all over the city. Apart from the education and other extracurricular activities, the school also has a wide variety of clubs to hone their skills and make them the leaders of tomorrow. At the moment, the school has more than 350, highly qualified teachers who will help your child shine.

4.Schola Nova

Building characters of the students and giving them strong work ethic is the highlight of this school. Schola Nova will make your child a hard worker but also a smart worker. The school was established in 1998 and since then, this school has made a place for itself in the current top 10 schools in the city. Schola Nova offers qualifications in preschool, primary, secondary higher secondary education and O/A levels. They also work on building the interpersonal and social skills of the children so that they can grow up to be confident leaders.

5.Roots International School

Thanks to its excellent location and prime facilities, the Roots International School is an all-rounder when it comes to giving quality education to the students. The school offers qualifications in Montessori, primary, lower secondary, IGCSE, Matriculation, FSC and A Levels. They follow international school standard and teaching methodologies to sharpen the minds of the children and enhance their intelligence. From basic courses to teaching foreign languages, Roots International School has a lot for your child to explore. Plus, the children get access to international seminars and competition that give your child exposure.

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Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women and holds a Bachelors in English Literature. She is a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in multiple niches.


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