Top 5 Best Schools in Peshawar, Pakistan

An American Entrepreneur, Malcolm S. Forbes has remarked once that the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one! And we all believe that education is the only way that can differentiate an animal and a human being. To make world a better living place, education is mandatory. For making this mission triumphant, these Top 5 Best Schools in Peshawar are playing their role for making Pakistan headway for world peace.

Ranking Top 5 Best Schools in Peshawar, Pakistan, on the basis of academics, affordability, safety, infrastructure and teaching faculty. Those days are long gone, when Peshawar was considered a backward area of Pakistan, but if we look back to a decade, Peshawar is heading and making way for education.

5- Allan Noor Preparatory School, Peshawar

This private school, perched out in Hatayabad, Peshawar is an English medium school, and being affiliated with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, this education centre demand reasonable fees for future of your children in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa. The school is also offering O/A levels (Cambridge syllabus) along with matriculation to their students.

4- Beaconhouse School System, Peshawar

Having different campuses for girls and boys, this international school has made the education easy for some conservative families in Peshawar. With the notable alumni of Salman Butt (Pakistani Crickter), Ali Zafar ( Model and Singer), Mir Zafar Ali (Visual effect expert) and so many leading celebs of Pakistan, the school has made itself an iconic place for grooming your children and making them successful in every aspect of life.  This private fee-paying private school is giving education of international standards to more than 200 thousand people in Pakistan, in 30 different cities.

3- Lahore Grammar School, Peshawar

Peshawar is considered home of Pathans in Pakistan, and this city of Pakistan was once considered as backward in last decades. Lahore Grammar School, the private educational center is making hardous efforts for educating notable figures of this city. Standing proudly in phase 2, Hatayabad, Peshawar, Lahore Grammar School is playing significant role for character building, social lives and hidden potentials of Peshawar.

2- The City School, Peshawar

Nor for just elite class but The City School is ideal educational institute for working class as well. The only motive of this private-international school is to polish the raw gems of Peshawar for making them leading personalities of Pakistan someday. With average tuition fees of about $200 a month, this school promises you to make a successful person out of your children.

1-The Educators, Peshawar

A project of beacon house, the educators has been formulated for educational development in Pakistan. To polish intellectual potentials and intelligence, the educators offer international syllabus to their students for competing this ruthless world in the future. The competing of success is getting harder, so you should be! Invest in your children today, with the right education and school, so you won’t regret the time and resources.

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