Toyota Pakistan may discontinue Corolla GLi and XLi


Both Corolla XLi and GLi by Toyota are a favorite of Pakistanis since a very long time. Two variations of Corolla GLi and XLi came in the market back in 2001-2002, when Indus motors launched Corolla of 9th generation. Since then Corolla is continued by the company in various colors.

Rumor has it that Toyota Pakistan has finally made the decision to get rid of the two models of Corolla. This does not mean that they will only change the name for the models but instead Toyota will launch a new 1300cc Corolla model for its valued costumers. People are of the view that the new model will be the competitor of Honda City, which means that it can either be Yaris or Vios. Since Toyota Pakistan is strongly linked with Toyota Thailand, it is most likely that the new model will be Toyota Vios 2018.

If they decide to launch a smaller car that is the competitor of Honda City, Toyota must keep in mind that Honda is playing very safe as they have bigger model i.e Honda Civic. For the right competition they will have to launch a bigger car model as well similar to 1.6 and 1.8 Corolla.

People are also suggesting the company launch two versions of Toyota Vios or Yaris, one the Hatchback version and a Sedan version. Though everyone will love the new models but many will be sad for killing two of the most iconic models. No doubt, Toyota is known for launching amazing new models that are loved by everyone and fits everyone’s needs and pocket.

It will take some time to implement these changes in Pakistan and there are chances that nothing changes in the end as well. but lets wait ans see what the company has in store for us.

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