Trump To Launch His Social Platform, Truth Social and TMTG


In a press conference, former American president Donald Trump disclosed revealed to launch his own social media platform with the name Truth Social and TMTG whose beta version will come out in November 2021. He decided to take this step after being banned from many noted social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

While talking to the press media he revealed this information by adding that in a world full of Taliban there should be someone who can handle them on social media. The process has already begun and everyone will soon be able to use the social platform.

social platform

Truth Social and TMTG Social Platform

At the start of 2021, Donal Trump, the former American president was banned from popular social platforms permanently in order to violate their policy. He used to openly express his opinion on many sensitive matters. Hence, in order to give a clap to those platforms, he has created TMTG and Truth Social platforms.

The beta version of the Truth Social platform that will come out in November 2021 will not be for everyone. However, the national launch will be in the next year. This app will be launched by a new company named Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp, a merger of Donal trump company and the other one.

More Details

The main reason behind launching an app is so that Donald has his own social platform where he can openly discuss everything without having concerns about its rules and policies. Furthermore, he wants a platform where everyone speaks the truth regardless of how insensitive it is.

This app or social platform is specially launched so that everyone can say whatever they want without any hesitation. Soon, everyone will be able to use the app hopefully in the mind or end of the next year.

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