Twitter Might Start TikTok Display Format for its Explore Tab

Given its tremendous popularity it is logical that social media networks would start looking at TikTok for creative ideas. Twitter is trying to introduce TikTok-style retweets, allowing users to respond to tweets with video comments rather than text. TikTok, on the other hand, takes inspiration from other social media sites. Recently, the application started testing a repost button, which is similar to a retweet button. The video will not appear in user’s account unlike Twitter, but it will appear on their newsfeed.

New Update in Twitter

Matt Navarra, a social media expert posted about this new update by Twitter. In new update Explore page is similar to TikTok, equipped with a ‘For You’ feed that highlights the most popular material tailored to your interests. The new layout features two sections: on main ‘Trending’ section, users can choose ‘Top Trends’ or ‘Personalized’ being the popular material on the site at that time. When you click the ‘For You’ page, however, you’ll get a full-screen, vertically scrolling, TikTok-like display of tweets. This display appears to be primarily centered on video tweets and it also includes text tweets, all displayed in this more comprehensive presentation style. This could be a wise strategy, since it allows Twitter to gain more particular information into each user’s usage habits.

TikTok’s Success Formula

TikTok’s algorithm is the key to its success. TikTok has been able to polish it so precisely because full-screen display style for each video helps receiving immediate feedback on each upload. Twitter cannot receive same data because there are numerous tweets on the screen.

But dividing those tweets into single tweet in a frame showcase could allow Twitter to understand interests of each user.

Twitter’s Stance Regarding Update

However, it is not available to all Twitter users yet. Twitter issued the following statement when questioned about the new test:
“We’re testing a redesigned, more tailored Explore page to make it simpler for you to explore new interests.”

Discovering Users Interest via New Update

This test began in December of last year and is now being offered to more users in a slightly revised layout. According to Twitter though its still a trial, it expects to gain a deeper insight into the interests of every user by using the new layout. It might be an intriguing test.

As more people are seeing the choice now indicates that Twitter’s early testing was successful. And this success is leading to the next round of expansion.

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