Uber Launches ‘UberAuto’ Rickshaw Service In Karachi


After the succesful launch of its taxi service in Karachi, Uber is upping up its game by introducing its rickshaw service in Karachi to keep pace with its biggest rival Careem.

The news was made official through Uber’s Twitter account on Thursday, 24th November.
In its first week of operation, Uber is also giving everyone the chance to avail 5 FREE rickshaw rides upto Rs. 75 each. To avail the free ride, use promo code “UBERAUTO”.aaa

UberAUTO was first launched on October 17th, in Lahore and has been quite succesful due to its cheap and affordable pricing.

In an statement released by Uber, the officials said:

Our aim at Uber is to adapt our technology to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation in each of the 500 cities Uber is available in

“This is why we couldn’t be more excited to introduce uberAUTO, Pakistan’s first rickshaw service at the tap of an app is now available in Karachi. Starting today [Thursday], Uber riders in Karachi can request a rickshaw with the convenience and affordability of Uber. Simply move the slider to ‘uberAUTO’ and tap ‘request’ –– within minutes your rickshaw will arrive and you can pay using cash, or card,”, they further said.


The base fare of UberAUTO is Rs. 35 and Rs. 3 per km or per minute, with minimum fare being Rs. 50. Customers can pay using cash or card, depending on their preference.


How To Book A Ride?

The booking process is similar to the Uber Car hailing service. To book a ride, download the Uber App from the App store and order the ride to your desired location.

As mentioned earlier, UberAUTO is giving free rides to everyone from 27th November to 4th December. To avail free ride, follow these steps:

  1. Download or open the Uber app
  2. Enter promo code ‘FREEAUTO’
  3. Slide the icon to ‘uberAUTO’
  4. Confirm your pickup location and request a ride
  5. Enjoy 5 free uberAUTO rides up to Rs 75 each today



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