United Bravo in Pakistan: Finally an Alternative to Suzuki Mehran?


The Automotive industry in Pakistan has a lot of potential however; it is currently under the control of a very few Automobile manufacturers. As a result, Pakistanis are forced to pay higher amounts for sub-standard cars. Pakistani’s believe that they get low value for money upon purchasing cars in Pakistan, due to monopoly of a few firms, taxes and some other reasons.

The budget cars segment is completely dominated by Suzuki and the consumers in Pakistan are only left with Suzuki Mehran as an option. Despite its poor quality, lack of features and lack of safety equipment, the consumers in Pakistan are forced to purchase the Suzuki Mehran due to lack of choices.

However, United Motors are now gearing up to launch an affordable vehicle, the United Bravo in Pakistan. It is expected to be a direct alternative to the Suzuki Mehran.

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Reportedly, United Motors have applied for copyright of the vehicle’s design, to the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan.
According to various sources, the United Bravo in Pakistan would be a hatchback vehicle with an 800cc engine.

This car is also expected to come with a lot of features including power windows, LCD Touchscreen infotainment system, fog lamps, LED Brake Lights, alloy rims and parking cameras. United would also incorporate more safety and entertainment features in this car, making it a viable alternative to the Suzuki Mehran.

Price of United Bravo in Pakistan

United Motors did not unveil the pricing of this vehicle however, since it is supposed to be a direct rival to the Suzuki Mehran, we can expect the united Bravo in Pakistan to cost around Rs.7 Lacs.

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Availability of United Bravo in Pakistan

Even though United Motors did not reveal the launch date of this vehicle, the United Bravo is expected to be available for consumers in the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

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