Facebook friendship tie the knot of Chinese boy and Pakistani Girl

Facebook Friendship Turns the friends into a Happily Married Couple

Facebook is considered as a social media site and people use this during their leisure time. Before that, this site was just used for entertainment purposes. But with the advancement, this site becomes more popular for business. Now, this site takes a shocking turn and people start finding their life partner on such social media sites. Especially in Pakistan, a number of such cases came across from past few years. A Pakistani girl and a Chinese boy proved this and tie the knot in a relationship with a Facebook friendship.

The 21-year Pakistani girl, Shama belongs to the Sargodha. She gets in touch with a Chinese boy, 26 years old Budhiou, on Facebook. Their Facebook Friendship turns into a true relationship, soon they decided to get married. Beyond, the religion and countries boundaries, they decided to get married. Their decision implements and they actually got married.

After their decision, Budhiou came to Sargodha, Pakistan along with his sisters. Their marriage was held in traditional Pakistani culture in which they perform all the rituals of the marriage. The sisters and friends of the bride Shama perform the “Rasta Rukwai” and “Doodh Pilai” mores. As a result, the groom offers Chinese currency to the girls which they refused to accept and demands Pakistani currency instead.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9KNmoS_m7s]

To serve the guest of neighbors, they prepare Chinese foods. They loved the food and praised it as well. The Chinese groom was very happy but looks confused in some scenes. He was totally new to this culture and look frightened. Instead, the girl was very happy and enjoy each and every moment of this wedding. The groom and his sisters wear the traditional Pakistani dresses.

How they get Married:

One of the groom’s family member said that “he was intended to get married. He is struggling to build his career. However, he gets in relation with Shama on social media site and he decided to get married soon based on his Facebook Friendship”. Shama convinced her mother for the marriage and her mother replied: “The boy should be a Muslim at the time of marriage”. However, it’s not confirmed that whether he accepted Islam or not. Anyhow, we wish them happy married life. This marriage is another example and Pakistan friendship.

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