University of Agriculture Faisalabad| Admissions, Fee, Diploma & Certificate Details


The University of Agriculture Faisalabad is one of the most prominent universities in Pakistan founded in 1906. It is a public research university that is ranked the number 1 university in Agriculture field. People from different cities come to take admission in this university that follows the Motto:

The University brings out all abilities, including incapability

The university is spread in 2,550 acres while every year thousands of students take admission. It also contains different sub-campuses established in different cities including Toba Tek Singh and Burewala. Various Diploma courses are also held in this university.

Currently, Prof. Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan is the Vice-Chancellor of this university. If you are looking for taking admission to this university, you are in the right place. This article will summarize every detail about this university.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admissions

They offer various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that you can choose as per your priority. Let’s have a look at all the degrees that this university offers to the students.

1- Undergraduate

  • DVM
  • BSc Microbiology
  • Pharm D
  • BSc(Hons) Food Science & Technology
  • Home Economics
  • BSc Agricultural Engineering
  • BSc Environmental Engineering
  • BSc Energy System Engineering
  • BSc Textile Engg. Technology
  • (Hons) Agriculture and Resource Economics
  • BBA Agribusiness
  • BS Economics
  • BS Commerce
  • BBA Agribusiness
  • B.S Bio-Chemistry
  • B.S Botany
  • B.S Math
  • B.S English
  • B.S Physics
  • B.S Chemistry
  • B.Sc (Hons) Animal Sciences
  • B.S Education
  • B.S English
  • B.Sc (Hons) Environmental Science
  • B.Sc (Hons) Dairy Science
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS(CS)
  • B.S Forestry
  • B.S Bio Informatics
  • B.S Software Engineering
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS (English)
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS (IT)
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-Poultry Science
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS (Economics)
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS(Chemistry)
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS (Animal sciences)
  • SubCampus -Toba Tek Singh-BS (Botany)
  • SubCampus -Depalpur-B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture
  • SubCampus -Depalpur-BS(Chemistry)
  • SubCampus -Burewala – Bsc Agriculture
  • SubCampus -Depalpur-BS(Mathematics )
  • SubCampus -Burewala – BS(Animal sciences)
  • SubCampus -Burewala – BS(Chemistry)
  • SubCampus -Burewala – BS(Home Economics)

2- Postgraduate

  • MS Agricultural Business
  • MSC Hon Agricultural Economics
  • MS Anatomy
  • MSC Hons Agronomy
  • MSC Hons Animal Nutrition
  • MSC Hons Bio-Chemistry
  • MSC Hons Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • MSC Hons Biotechnology
  • MSC Chemistry
  • M.Com Commerce
  • MS Economics
  • MA Education
  • MSC Botany
  • MA English
  • MA Fine Arts
  • MSC Food and Nutrition
  • M.Com Commerce
  • MSC Physics
  • MSC Population Science
  • MSC Mathematics
  • MA Sociology
  • MSC Statistics
  • MSC Rural Sociology
  • MSC Zoology
  • PhD Agricultural Busines
  • PhD Agronomy
  • PhD Anatomy
  • PhD Biochemistry
  • PhD Animal Nutrition
  • PhD Agriculture Engineering
  • PhD Maths
  • PhD Botany
  • PhD Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Environmental and Resource Economics

Apart from these mentioned degrees, there are a few other majors too that this university offers. You can check the entire list from their official website.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad department

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Fee Structure

Every year, the university upgrade its fee structure. Furthermore, the fee depends on the degree you are going to enrol in. For instance, for BSC Hons Agriculture and Resource Economics, you have to pay a 46,200 fee per year. On the other hand, for BS Botany the annual fee is 60,000.

Similarly, BBA Business Administration cost you an 83,600 fee per year. Hence, the annual fee depends on the degree that you are going to take.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Departments

It consists of different departments and faculties. Here is the complete list of departments that the University of Agriculture Faisalabad has:

  1. Faculty of Agriculture
  2. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
  3. Department of Farm Machinery and Power
  4. Department of Food Engineering
  5. Department of Structures & Environmental Engineering
  6. Department of Farm Machinery and Power
  7. Department of Fibre and Textile Technology
  8. Department of Irrigation & Drainage
  9. Faculty of Social Sciences
  10. Faculty of Veterinary Science
  11. Faculty of Animal Husbandry
  12. Faculty of Sciences
  13. Faculty of Humanities

Certificates and Diplomas

It also offers different Diplomas that you can do apart from a degree. Various short courses are held after which you are awarded a certificate. Different courses are held especially for girls or ladies related to households. The list of various diplomas include:

  • Diploma in Rural Home Economics (girls)
  • Mali Class
  • C.T Agriculture ( Boys)
  • Veterinary Assistant Diploma Course
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course in Food Science (for Army personnel)
  • Computer Science
  • Diploma in Grain Storage Management
  • Pre-release training course (for Army personnel).
  • Agricultural Business Management
  • Veterinary Assistant Diploma Course
  • Diploma in Arabic

Hence, if any of the above-mentioned Diplomas click you, you can do it anytime irrespective of age.

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