Urwa Hocane Slams the Indian Actress for Bad words against Pakistan


Urwa Hocane Silenced Swara Bhaskar for Saying Pakistan a Failing State

The Indian Movie named Vere Di Wedding is banned in Pakistan due to controversial scenes. One of the actresses of the movie named Swara Bhaskar says bad words against Pakistan by calling Unsuccessful State. The patriotic Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane Silenced Swara by using the perfect wording.

On 1st June 2018, the Indian movie named Veere DI Wedding was released in India. But Pakistani distributors were not agreeing to buy this fil due to bold scenes. The Pakistani sensor board also banned the release of the movie in Pakistan. After that, the Indian actress Swara Bhaskar got angry and use harsh wording for Pakistan. She said Pakistan an unsuccessful country and said that she doesn’t care if the movie doesn’t release in Pakistan. The fans of both the country got angry with Swara due to her tweets and harsh wordings. She asks such words in an interview and hence condemns by Pakistani as well as Indians. Urwa Hocane silenced the arrogant actress with perfect wording and people really praise Urwa.

What Urwa Hocane Tweeted:

Sin response to the hate spread by Indian supporting actress, Urwa Hocane show her the real mirror. She said; when you Visit Pakistan in 2015, you really admired us. You said Pakistan is a great country you have ever visited. Pakistan is just getting much better from last few years. We have gotten better in bigger hearts and welcoming our guests.

She further said; You are promoting feminism through your movie. But you are a bitter person ever. The person who belongs to the country which banned their own movie Padmavati. So, don’t you dare to talk about women empowerment? So, you are proven as an arrogant woman who always alters her own statements. We are not a Failing State instead you are a Failing Human Being. She ended by saying “From the Citizens of Phenomenal Pakistan. Urwa also shared two videos one in which she was praising Pakistan. While in other, she was saying Pakistan as Failed Country.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KFRBPkYHiM]
Remember that, the movie is highly disliked by the Indian fans too. They really dislike the movie and start the social media campaign as #BoycottVereDiWedding. Especially the character of Swara for playing the bold scenes is really condemning by Indians.

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