“We have no words to express our sorrow” – Gul Ahmed Apologizes to Woman who Found Boy in Trail Room


A few days ago on 20th February, a girl found out a guy hiding behind a cupboard in women changing room. While changing her dress she felt some movement behind the cupboard and was shocked to find a boy hiding and watching her. All the floor members were witnessed while coming to that boy out of the trail room. Later she posted on her Facebook about the incident she mentioned that this happened in the well-known brand Gul Ahmed Ideas near Ocean Mall, Karachi.

This news went viral instantly right after her post on Facebook, now Gul Ahmed Ideas officially apologized to the lady Sasha and tried to convince others that it won’t happen again.

Gul Ahmed Ideas posted, “On behalf of Gul Ahmed Ideas we would like to sincerely apologize to Ms. Sasha Scheherzade on the inexcusable incident that took place in our Clifton Store yesterday, 20th February 2018. We truly regret that you had to face such an ordeal at our store which resulted in causing you such anxiety, stress, and anguish.

We have no words to express our sorrow, however, we will take all the measures necessary to ensure that nothing like this happens again to anyone that visits our establishment. This has come as a shock to the whole team and regretfully a person’s indiscretion has caused you such distress. We stand on the belief of giving the very best to whoever walks through the doors of our stores. The foundation of GulAhmed Ideas rises from the vision of providing not only quality but an environment which is family oriented and focused on customer care. “Women are the bedrock of our brand as we serve them from all walks of life including professionals, homemakers to students both young and old.”

We are reinforcing our protocols in place for customer security and have already taken strict action against the people we feel are responsible for this ordeal and assure you that such an incident will not be repeated in the premises of any Ideas Store ever again.

We at Gul Ahmed Ideas take the security of our customers especially women very seriously and we hope the measures mentioned above will reassure you that our intention is to rectify the problem.

We once again apologize for the emotional distress caused by our end.

The team at Gul Ahmed Ideas.”

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