Riversong Introduces Two Fitness Bands for Making Life Easier

Riversong is the famous Chinese brand for electronic gadgets, the company recently launched in Pakistan. Riversong has amazing gadgets and now it introduces the innovative fitness bands with the name Wave BP and Wave Fit. You will find the number of outlets all over Pakistani market providing smart accessories. The new device Riversong has introduced synced to your smartphone and has the access to your data.

Both devices have different features which can alert you to your schedule, routine, about your health and monitor your fitness with the help of its sensors.

Wave BP

It comes in three colors of purple, black and blue in a 0.87” touch-enabled display. It has 70 mAh battery capacity and will work as your health fitness monitor and track your health so and on. It has different features like it monitors your blood pressure and you don’t need any regular blood pressure monitor when you have this on your wrist. It will alert when your blood pressure shoots above or drops below the limits. It also monitors your heart rate and alarms you about your palpitation. This is the best device for heart patients who should monitor their heart rate in daily life routine.

For people who want to track their heart rates and blood pressure while swimming, they should go for this device because this is waterproof. Plus it has an easy USB charging feature using the USB port or USB adopter.  The user can take the selfie by just moving their wrist via smartphone. It also let you aware of the adequate sleep you need and how many hours you got deep sleep. Furthermore, people who work a long time sitting in one place can get alerts that this is the time to move or walk for muscle relaxation. If your phone is away, this device will notify you of your messages and calls. It has the most innovative features than other devices in cheap rates.

Wave Fit

Wave fit is the similar band like Wave BP but this is your everyday health monitor in 0.91” display and 7 mAh battery capacity along with mentioned features:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sweatproof
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Sedentary settings
  • Smart notifications
  • Landscape mode

The price of the gadget is PKR 3,698/- only.

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