What’s New In Latest Android Version Nougat??

Finally, the wait is over and Android has launched its new version “NOUGAT 7.0”. So, of course, like everyone you must be excited to know that what this newly arrived ANDROID VERSION has brought with its self? what are the new features? What are the updated features? And above all how you can switch to this version from earlier version? So please take a breath and don’t worry. We’ll give all answers of your questions satisfactorily.

Here you go..



Version 7.0 has come along with 1500 Emojis of which 72 are new ones.


Unlike older versions, you can now have a multi-window view that means you can switch between two apps at a time.


Now you can also enjoy high-quality virtual reality by just switching to VR mode so Nougat is ready to transport you to a new virtual world full of entertainment.


This version has brought something more useful for you that is “Doze”. It helps to save the battery when you are on move and go to low power usage when you carry your cell phone in your pocket or purse.


What could be easier than directly replying to your messages from the notification instead of opening the app? So that is what you definitely do with new Anroid version 7.0.


Nougat brings you an opportunity to custom rearrange your settings tiles to reach faster what you want.


In Nougat 7.0 you can turn on data saver quickly in order to limit the usage of data by your android phone and you can also control your notifications with a single tap.


If you have eye sight problem, you can now not only change the size of the visual text on your mobile phone but you can also change the size of icons and other experiencing things.


Considering the security, NOUGAT has brought some new features with it. In this version updates have been made seamless that means that you don’t have to wait for the device to get completely synced with new security tools. File based encryption is also very helpful as it protects files for an individual user on a cell phone. Also, direct boot feature is a plus that smoothly starts the device and runs app smoothly even before entering a password.


LG V20 is the first smartphone that comes out of its box with the NOUGAT 7.0 .


Before updating from Android Marshmallow to Android Nougat do remember to
backup your all important data to some safe storage and start updating using
OTA (Over The Air). Here are the steps that you’d need to follow but make sure
your that the battery of your phone is at least 50%.

step1: Open the “settings” panel on your android phone and scroll down
to see “About Phone” option.
step2: Open “About Phone” and tap on “System Updates” to check for the
latest Android version.
step3: If your device is on version 6.0 i-e Marshmallow then you are allowed
to upgrade it to “Nougat 7.0” and if not then you first need to upgrade
your android version to Marshmallow and then to Nougat.
step4: Now download your android NOUGAT update if it’s available.
step5: When your download will be completed, your device will install
it and will reboot Nougat smoothly.



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