Top 5 Favorite People of Pakistan (2000-2017)-Number 3 Might Shock You!

In the era of hatred and competition, we all have forgotten that we humans are blessed with golden heart! And as far as Pakistani people are considered, I guess they all are humans too (yeah! If biological features are priority, not the actions). So have you ever reckoned that which Pakistani Celeb or Famous Personality is honored to this level that he earns respect and love of Pakistani awam? Apart from Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, of course! Beware! I am not writing any essay related to history of Pakistan (Lol). Let us know your favorite people in the comments.

Here we have summed up Top 5 Favorite People of Pakistan from politics, Sports, Film Industry and Media. Pakistan has produced influential and admired personalities and famous entities, which have done remarkable contribution in their respective fields to earn respect and love from masses of all over the world.

Let’s begin the list of Top 5 Favorite People of Pakistan, who are blessed enough that they have earned respect even beyond the international borders.

5- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

People with good music taste must have heard Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the legendary musician and singer for once in their life (I am not talking about American Richard, but Rashid of Pakistan). Excluding the walnut-sized minds, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan would be in the play list of every person who understands the soul of music. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1979-1997) is known for extraordinary range of vocal abilities. Youth of Pakistan also consider him as the best choice to listen while their heart is broken. But on serious note, his songs are masterpieces of music world, no matter if he sang classic, sufi kalam, qawali or romantic songs, he nailed it. He is the only artist of Pakistan who has earned the real love over the international borders and even after dying, he is still ruling the hearts of millions with people for his evergreen music and soulful voice!

4- General Raheel Sharif

Retired as the four-star rank general, Raheel Sharif was the 15th Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan. This rajpoot son of Gujrat city, was also entitled as most charismatic hero of army by the natives of Pakistan. His efforts against terrorism and corruption will be written in golden chapters of Pakistan history someday. For the thick heads, who might ignore him as an ordinary army man, they must know that General Raheel Sharid leaded Karachi operation, Zarb-eAzab) eliminated more than 8,000 terrorists) and took serious initiative to stand against goons of criminal political parties (Smjhdar k liye ishara hee kafi hai).

3- Shahid Khan Afridi

Also known as ‘boom boom afridi’ and ‘lala’ in his team, Shahid Afridi is heartthrob of Pakistani youth. Some people respect him as a cricketer and some people are diehard fans of him for his good looks (jazbatee larhkian, of course!). He is known for his unexpected sixes and even after decades of his good batting, people praise him for boom boom sixes.

2- Abdul Sattar Edhi

May Allah rest his soul in peace! He was an angel of Allah, the real innocent soul of his Creator and a true supporter for needy people. He died in 2016 but he still is in prayers of thousands of people for his remarkable contribution of world’s largest ambulance network, rehab centers and shelter homes for orphanages and poor children. (We are not going to exaggerate his good deeds as he believed in not showing off for the sake of fame).

1- Imran Khan

My apologies! In advance for the people who support different political parties rather than Tehrik-e-Insaaf. But the truth is, before starting his political career, he was heartthrob of whole Pakistan as he was the captain who served cricket world cup trophy to Pakistan (The realm where cricket against India is zindagi mout kaa sawal). No matter if he is slammed for his past affairs, he is the real love of youth. Youth support him as their leader and they all are craving to see him as the prime minister of Pakistan soon. Imran Khan believes in honesty and hard work and he has showed his concern to his nation with Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Peshawar University. The reasons of loving him would be infinite but no one can deny that he can lead thousands of people with his one call to his followers!

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