WhatsApp Users will be Able to Re-Download the Deleted Files


WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned application and used to make rapid updates in it. WhatsApp now brings the new update in its beta version 2.18.109 to re-download the files. It has solved some bug related to deleted media files. Once the WhatsApp user deleted the media file from WhatsApp it got deleted from the server as well and the user was not able to download it again. People find it annoying if they delete any important file mistakenly until the sender sends the file again to them.

WhatsApp has now solved the issue and in it new update the users will be able to re-download the deleted files from the chat. This feature will support all files like images, videos, text file, GIFs and Voice notes as well. Previously the file got deleted from the server as well that’s why the users were not able to download it again but now they have set up a limited time to store the data. Due to which the users will be able to download it again and again but for the limited time of 30 days. WhatsApp will only save the data for 30 days right after you got it after that it will be deleted from the server as well.

This feature will be very useful for the people who transfer media files to work on and now they don’t have the excuse that they got deleted the file. You might have gone through the news about a Facebook scandal in which Mark Zuckerberg is accused of leaking out the private data. On the asked questions in Senate about the privacy on WhatsApp, Mark answered that WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted and can’t be seen by the third party even WhatsApp and Facebook. So, storing data doesn’t mean they will be leaked out and for that make sure you encrypted your WhatsApp.

What you need to do is when you deleted the message from your gallery which has automatically been saved. Go to your WhatsApp chat where you get the file and download it again by the clicking on the arrow button it will support the file and download it again.

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